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UFO Case Report:

By Carl W. Feindt
(Water UFO, Claymont, Delaware)

The whole UFO case report:
“M. Beljonne, at Phu-Lien Observatory, Tonkin, sends us peculiar bolide observations. The first one, especially remarkable, was made at Dong Hoi, Annam, by M. Delingette, Inspector in the Civil Guard, head of the meteorological station. At Dong Hoi, on June 16 at 4:10 A.M., a bolide of an elongated shape, truncated at both ends, flew over the city on a west-east course, casting a great luminosity. The witnesses--Hoang Nic, of Dong Hoi; Tran Ninh, of Sa-Dong-Danh; Quyen, of Dong-Duong-Hoi; and Danh Lui, of the same village--who were fishing at sea, reported that the phenomenon lasted from eight to ten minutes, between the time the object appeared and the time it fell into the sea, at about six kilometers from shore.   
This Reference: Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee, p. 21, © 1966

Original Reference: Lumieres dans la Nuit & L’Astronomie 22, 1909, p. 28
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Indochina - Annam is now Vietnam.
Tonkin                          X
Dong Hoi                      Latitude 17-29 N, Longitude 106-36 E ( D-M )
Sa-Dong-Danh             X
Dong-Duong-Hoi          X
Note: Many of these may be old names. I have tried several sources but cannot come up with an exact match.

UFO Location ( UFOCAT ) – Latitude 17.53 N, Longitude 106.58 E ( D.% )

Wikipedia article: “Đng Hi”:

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UFO Case Report:

By Carl W. Feindt
(Water UFO, Claymont, Delaware)

The whole UFO case report:
“That, in the Nautical Meteorological Annual, published by the Danish Meteorological Institute, appears a report upon a ‘singular phenomenon’ that was seen by Capt. Gabe, of the Danish East Asiatic Co.’s steamship Bintang. At 3 A.M., June l0, 1909, while sailing through the Straits of Malacca, Captain Gabe saw a vast revolving wheel of light, flat upon the water—‘long arms issuing from a center around which the whole system appeared to rotate.’ So vast was the appearance that only half of it could be seen at a time, the center lying near the horizon. This display lasted about fifteen minutes. Heretofore we have not been clear upon the important point that forward motions of these wheels do not synchronize with a vessel’s motions, and freaks of disregard, or, rather, commonplaces of disregard, might attempt to assimilate with lights of a vessel. This time we are told that the vast wheel moved forward, decreasing in brilliancy, and also in speed of rotation, disappearing when the center was right ahead of the vessel-or my own interpretation would be that the source of light was submerging deeper and deeper and slowing down because meeting more and more resistance.
This reference: The Complete Books Of Charles Fort, p. 278, published 1974 by Dover Publications, Inc. From Fort’s original work ‘Book of the Damned’, published in 1919           
Scientific American, 106-51
Original reference: Nautical Meteorological Annual, published by the Danish Meteorological Institute

Carl William Feindt, who passed on 21 April 2019, was in my opinion one of the best USO/UFO researchers of all time. Many thanks to the late Mr. Feindt for his hard work and devotion to USO/UFO research – and for the fact that he has published all his research work on the Internet.

Wikipedia article: “Strait of Malacca”:

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UFO Article (Blog):
“Another Part of the Levelland Investigation”

By Kevin D. Randle, 15 August 2019
(A Different Perspective, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Quote from the article:
“I have been reviewing the Levelland landing with its electromagnetic effects. I have said that an Air Force NCO conducted a one-day investigation and that was it. I have reported that the Air Force made a number of points about the case including that while Donald Keyhoe of NICAP claimed nine witnesses, there were only three. Interestingly, the claim of three witnesses is contradicted in the Blue Book file that contains interviews with a half dozen witnesses and information about others. In fact, in an undated and unsigned summary of the case, the Blue Book file says, ‘A mysterious object, whose shape was described variously as ranging from round to oval, and predominantly bluish-white in color was observed by six persons [emphasis added] near the town of Levelland, Texas.’

In all, I have found witnesses, on the record in 1957, at thirteen separate locations with multiple witnesses at several of those. And I haven’t even counted the law enforcement officers who had sightings. This, as noted in an earlier post, included the sheriff and the fire marshal.”

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UFO News Article:
“Unusual Object in Sky”

28 January 1954
(Quorn Mercury, Australia)

Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia

The whole article:
“Three well known residents this week reported having sighted what they described as an ‘unusual object’ in the north-eastern sky at approx 9.30 p.m. last Sunday (24 January 1954).

The object was said to be shaped like a diamond and gave off a powerful light resembling that of a search light. The queer light was reported to have darted around the sky for several minutes before it eventually faded away.

The three men, who prefer to remain anonymous, are most emphatic that the object they sighted was not a star or other normal heavenly body. The incident co-incides with previous reports of unexplained objects sighted in the far northern sky during the past few years.

A full report of the incident, together with the men’s names and addresses will be forwarded to the newly formed Flying Saucer Investigation committee in Adelaide.

The men who witnessed the unusual event have expressed the opinion that the object sighted could not have been an aircraft, owing to the terrific speed at which it travelled.”

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UFO News Article (part of a larger article):

10 June 1909
(Warren Sheaf, Minnesota)

Source: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Quote from the article:
“Capt. Egenas (Egenæs?), comamnding [sic] the St. Olaf, reports that he was surprised by an airship in the middle of the night, on the North sea. The airship passed right over his steamer, and at the most opportune moment the deck was strongly illuminated by a searchlight. The airship left in a southerly direction. Capt. Egenas could see that the airship threw a searchlight on the deck of another steamer, too.”

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