Thursday, 14 August 2008

UFO TV News Report:
“Un avion MIG Lancer 21 a fost lovit 
de patru obiecte neidentificate”
(“A MIG-21 Lancer struck four unidentified objects”)
(Unknown Date)
(Realitatea TV, Bucharest, Romania)

Source: DUTCH2012UFO (YouTube channel)

This MiG-21 Lancer (LanceR)/UFO crash was officially confirmed by the Romanian Defence Ministry, as seen in the video. It’s probable that the jet fighter was hit by only one of the UFOs, although 4 UFOs are seen in the official Romanian Air Force footage.

The jet fighter’s canopy was crushed and one of the wings was extensively damaged. The pilot managed to land safely. And, judging by the freeze-framed image, it appears that the unknown objects are triangular shaped.

After a thorough investigation by the Defence Ministry, no one could explain what hit the jet fighter. That meant that no aircraft, meteor, bird, balloon or natural phenomenon was the culprit.

Then only one question remains. Namely  what on Earth hit the jet fighter?!!

The daytime UFO incident occurred on 30 October 2007.

The below video (TV news report) shows the damage that was done to the jet fighter.

“MIG LOVIT DE OZN-URI” (“UFOs HIT MIG”), unknown date 
(Pro TV, Bucharest, Romania):

(Source: Exopolitik (YouTube channel))

And – this incident is impossible to dismiss as an example of overactive imaginations at work. The "War" (meaning: strange, unknown and seemingly flying objects fly very close to jet fighters, which then either crash or are extensively damaged), as I mentioned before, apparently hasn’t ended as of 30 October 2007!

Wikipedia article: “Romanian Air Force”:

(Realitatea TV/ image)

(Pro TV/ image)