Wednesday, 4 August 2010

UFO News Article:
“R.A.F. Officers Investigating ‘Saucer’ Stories”,
11 November 1953 (The Age, Melbourne, Australia)

The Age reports that in 1953 the Royal Air Force investigated every UFO incident that occurred over Britain:,1116551

Two pilots together in a de Havilland Vampire jet fighter sighted a UFO over Kent, UK in early November 1953. This is probably the Johnson and Smythe UFO incident (BBC TV news report, 4 August 2010).

Quote from the article:
“The R.A.F. is now exchanging information on the subject with America.

The U.S. Air Force is beginning to suggest hesitantly that ‘flying saucers’ could be inter-planetary.”

de Havilland Vampire jet fighter
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Ten R.A.F. Men See ‘Flying Saucer’ In NATO Exercise”,
21 September 1952

(The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

A UFO entered part of a NATO exercise near RAF Topcliffe in Yorkshire, UK on 20 September 1952, according to the article:,2522235

The silver, disk shaped UFO was sighted by at least ten officers and the crew of a Shackleton airplane. The UFO flew five miles behind a Meteor fighter airplane at 15000 feet.

Air Force Ensign of 
the United Kingdom 
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UFO TV News Report:
“An Unidentified Object”, 1950s (BBC)

UFO witnesses Terry Johnson (Royal Air Force pilot) and Geoff Smythe (RAF navigator) were interviewed by the BBC:

Johnson and Smythe flew a de Havilland Vampire jet fighter. They were stationed at RAF West Malling, Kent, UK.

Terry Johnson, RAF Pilot