Saturday, 19 March 2011

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Fyffe, Alabama Events”
(The Fyffe, Alabama UFO Case), 1990
(American Magazine, TNN, Nashville, Tennessee)

The TV report contains several UFO photos:

The Fyffe, Alabama UFO sightings occurred in February and March 1989.

UFO Report Chronology: “UFO Sightings in 1989”

Wikipedia article: “Fyffe, Alabama”:,_Alabama

Location of Fyffe in DeKalb County, Alabama (text by Wikipedia)
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UFO News Article & TV News Report:
“UFO Summit”, 18 March 2011
(WDAF Fox 4 News, Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas)

WDAF Fox 4 News reports on the UFO Reykawvik Summit 2011 (18-20 March, Liberty Hall, Lawrence, Kansas):,0,5107350.story

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UFO News Article:
“UFO - or something more down to earth?”,
18 March 2011 (Fife Today, Kirkcaldy, UK)

William Simpson (42) sighted an alleged UFO (or UFOs) over St. Michaels Inn, Scotland, UK on 17 March 2011, at around 9:15 p.m., according to Fife Today:

St. Michaels Inn is situated 8 kilometres (5 miles) south of Dundee.

St. Michaels Inn, Scotland, UK