Thursday, 17 September 2015

UFO Article (Blog):
“Argentina: ‘Cattle Mutilations
are Caused by UFOs’ ”

9 September 2015 

Source: Nuevo Diario Web and PLANETA UFO
(Date: 9 September 2015)

Inexplicata presents an interview with the Argentine UFO researcher Mario Zain Pinto, a scholar of quantum physics:

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(Mutilación Animal (Animal Mutilation) En Chile OVNI site:cl)

(Chile Animal Mutilation

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UFO Journal Article:
“UFOs in the Land of the Rising Sun”

By Scott Corrales
(INEXPLICATA, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, 
12 February 2003)


Quote from the article:
“The most significant postwar sighting turned out to be singularly dramatic: a luminous object, dangling in the air from an enormous, darkened craft, was witnessed by many observers over Tokyo Bay in the summer of 1952. The objects were also picked up by radar, prompting jet fighters to scramble to intercept. The huge aerial contraption proceeded to elude the military aircraft with maneuvers never thought possible before.”

Map of Japan (