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UFO Paper:
“NCP-12: The White Sands Proof”

By Dr. Bruce Maccabee, 2002 (copyright)

In this paper, Dr. Bruce Maccabee writes about the “green fireball”/unidentified flying object incidents that occurred at sensitive Top Secret nuclear weapon research facilities/
installations in the south western part of the United States during 1948-1950.

It was the areas around Los Alamos, New Mexico; Sandia Base (Kirtland AFB) near Albuquerque, New Mexico; the White Sands Proving Ground (Holloman AFB, Alamogordo) in New Mexico and (after a while) Killeen Base (Killeen, Texas) (a nuclear weapon storage site located at Fort Hood) that experienced the UFO overflights.

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Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
( photo) (

One of Sandia’s first permanent buildings (Building 800) was
completed in 1949 (text by Wikipedia) (
( photo)

Most of the northern Tularosa basin (blue) is used for the WSMR
(area within dashed perimeter), which encloses numerous areas
that are not military land (e.g., the NPS's White Sands National
Monument), as well as USAF facilities. (text by Wikipedia)
( (

U.S. Government UFO Document:
“Objects observed following
MX 776A test of 27 April 1950”

15 May 1950
(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


The whole document (not written in U.S. Department of Defense document format):
“2nd Lt. (name censored) EHOSIR

1. According to conversation between Col. Baynes and Capt. Bryant, the following information is submitted directly to Lt. Albert. 

2. Film from station P10 was read, resulting in azimuth and elevation angles being recorded on four objects. In addition, size of image on film was recorded. 

3. From this information, together with a single azimuth angle from station M7, the following conclusions were drawn: 

a. The objects were at an altitude of approximately 150,000 ft.

b. The objects were over the Holloman range between the base and Tularosa Peak.

c. The objects were approximately 30 feet in diameter.

d. The objects were traveling at an undeterminable, yet high speed.”

This Data Reduction report by Wilbur L. Mitchell (Mathematician, Data Reduction Unit) was attached to the 31 May 1950 U.S. Air Force cover letter ( I reported on in the preceding blog post, according to Dr. Bruce Maccabee (

Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia article: “White Sands Missile Range”:

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Aerial view of Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico
( ( photo)

Satellite photo of AlamogordoNew Mexico (
( photo)