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U.S. Government UFO Document:
Incident, Caballo Dam, New Mexico
24 April 1949”

(Project Grudge, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source: Project Blue Book Archive (

Quote from the document (Page 1):
“Information was requested by Technical Intelligence Division, Hq, Air Materiel Command, Dayton, Ohio, to interview all witnesses to the ‘unidentified object’ sightings referred to in copy of TWX from CSAF, which occurred near Caballo Dam, New Mexico on 24 April 1949.”

Aerial view of the Caballo Dam, New Mexico
( photo)

UFO Case Directory:
“Category 01, Distant Encounter
White Sands Incident / C. B. Moore Case
April 24, 1949
Arrey, New Mexico”


The whole UFO case report:
Brad Sparks:
April 24, 1949; 3 mi. N of Arrey, New Mexico (BBU 358)
10:30 a.m. (MST). General Mills meteorologist and balloon expert Charles B. Moore and 4 Navy crew on a balloon launch crew (Akers, Davidson, Fitzsimmons, Moorman) saw a white, round ellipsoid, shadowed yellowish on one side, length/width ratio 2.5x, cross the sky from the S (azimuth 210° elevation 45°) to the E at about 5°/sec angular velocity, passing near the sun (126° azimuth 60° elevation), tracked by Moore viewing through 25x ML-47 theodolite after it came out of the sun. Object seemed to turn to the N, maintained constant azimuth at about 20°-25° when it suddenly climbed from 25° to 29° elevation in 10 secs and disappeared by distance or dust obscuration. Distance unknown; by assuming 57 miles, velocity is then 5 mi/sec or 18,000 mph (earth orbital velocity, not escape velocity) but this is pure assumption.” presents U.S. government (U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Satellite photo of Arrey, New Mexico (
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Focus On the 1949 Charles B. Moore UFO Sighting

Charles B. Moore, a General Mills meteorologist and balloon expert, and four enlisted U.S. Navy men sighted a fast-flying UFO over the Caballo Dam, three miles north of Arrey, New Mexico (White Sands Proving Grounds), on 24 April 1949.

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Wikipedia article: “Charles B. Moore”:

Satellite photo of Arrey, New Mexico (
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Map of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico 
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