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UFO News Article:
23 January 1958 (Gettysburg Times, Pennsylvania)

CBS cut off the sound during a UFO TV debate on 22 January 1958:,2225261

Quote from the article:
“The sound was cut off on a CBS television program last night when author Donald E. Keyhoe, a former Marine Corps major, began to digress from the script in speaking of flying saucers.

A network employe explained that nobody knew what he was going to say.

Keyhoe was silenced for about 15 seconds during ‘The Armstrong Circle Theater’ presentation of a documentary on flying objects.

He had just said: ‘We are meeting in secret with a congressional committee. If these meetings were public it would be proved,’ when the sound was cut.”

Other U.S. newspapers also reported on this TV incident:

“AUTHOR DIGRESSES ON TV, SOUND IS CUT”, 23 January 1958 (The New York Times)

“KEYHOE AIRS REMARKS; Author Completes Statement Cut Off on TV Show” 24 January (The New York Times)

“Flying Saucer Comment Cut Off TV Show”, 23 January 1958
(Los Angeles Times, California)

“Saucer Fans Left Up In Air”, 23 January 1958
(The Miami News, Florida),3201035

“Sound Is Cut From Program On Saucers”, 22 January 1958
(Park City Daily News, Bowling Green, Kentucky),1453538

The late Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, U.S. Marine Corps,
NICAP Director, UFO Author & Researcher
( image)
UFO Book:
“The Flying Saucers Are Real”
by Donald Edward Keyhoe

The book was published in 1950:

Wikipedia article: “Donald Keyhoe”:

The late Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, U.S. Marine Corps,
NICAP Director, UFO Author & Researcher
( image)
UFO News Article:
“Committee Reports UFO Findings False”,
11 January 1969 (Colombia Missourian, Missouri)

The article reports on NICAP’s response to the Condon Committee’s UFO report:

Quote from the article:
“Retired Marine Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, head of the committee, told a news conference (in Washington, D.C.) that the 1,500 page report prepared by the University of Colorado for the Air Force was a ‘waste of money.’ It cost almost $500,000.

Keyhoe, flanked by Dr. James McDonald of the University of Arizona and Dr. David Saunders of the University of Colorado, said the investigation headed by Dr. Edward U. Condon of the University of Colorado, examined only ‘about 1 per cent’ of the ‘reliable, unexplained UFO’ sightings supplied to it.”

The late Dr. James E. McDonald,
U.S. Physicist &
UFO Researcher
( photo)