Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ukraine Air Show UFOs: Cylindrical-shaped UFOs Filmed Near Jet Fighter before Crash, 27 July 2002, Daytime

This Air Show crash happened in Lviv, Ukraine. Again, as seen in the previous video posted on this blogspot, one sees two UFOs which flies close to a jet fighter, which then crashes. This time the aircraft is a Russian made Sukhoi SU-27 jet fighter.

What does all this mean?!

Here is a comment by the Euronews reporter: “Video evidence shows several unidentified objects near the wings, just before the impact.” EuroNews has even marked the UFOs with yellow circles. So - here we finally have one member of big media confirming that there exists, indeed, unknown objects, which fly in the Earth's airspace! At least it's a start!

This is a combined CNN and Euronews video:

The video below comes from a Ukranian TV channel, which shows the cylindrical-shaped UFOs even clearer than in the Euronews footage. The two ascending UFOs are seen 1:04 minutes into the video.

And, this story doesn’t stop with these small UFOs. I have videotaped an RTL (German TV channel) report about this case, which shows a much larger cylindrical-shaped UFO fly past the jet fighter, a short time after one sees the smaller UFOs.
Several UFO Spheres Filmed Near Russian MiG-25 before Crash, Early 1990s, Daytime

This crash happened during a Paris, France Air Show. The film shows what seemingly looks like spheres, which flies close to the MiG, before the jet fighter crashes. In particular, watch the sphere which flies around the jet fighter after 9 seconds!

Birds? Hardly! I think birds would have headed away from the MiG as fast as possible. The footage comes from EuroNews.

Is there a war we don’t know about?! NB In my next blog post you'll see that "The War" hasn't ended as of 7 August 2002!
Flying Rod Footage Caught by a UK TV Channel,
Unknown Date, Night-time

This film comes from the UK TV channel, Living tv +1. The footage of the flying, luminous rod was caught during a live broadcast.
UFOs over Kaikoura, New Zealand Filmed by
New Zealand News Crew On Board Freight Airplane,
30/31 December 1978, ca 0:30 a.m. (31 Dec.)

This is a report about the famous Quentin Fogarty (Australian TV reporter) UFO report on board an Argosy freight airplane, flying above Kaikoura, New Zealand. For some time, there had been a spate of UFO sightings reported by numerous individuals in the Kaikoura area. An Australian television film crew from Channel 0-10 was assigned the unusual task of attempting to capture a photographic image of a UFO. The news crew then managed to film a UFO, which followed the airplane. According to Fogarty, several UFOs flew behind the airplane. On the return trip from Christchurch the news crew also managed to film a UFO.

Predictably, UFO debunkers tried to explain away this UFO case by insisting that the footage showed fishing trawler lights. A radar report shot down that theory, when Wellington Air Traffic Control Center controllers radioed the airplane crew and told them they had a radar return from an unknown object, which followed the Argosy airplane.

This UFO footage was broadcasted on TV channels all over the world at the time. Dagsrevyen, Norway’s main news broadcast, also showed this UFO report. I can still remember the sensation this report created in Norway!

The best documentary which covers this case is Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World: U.F.O.s. 

The report starts at 1:52 minutes into the video:

"Top 10 UFO Encounters: The New Zealand Orbs" (Dateline NBC):

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

UFO Footage Caught on the "Hot On Home" TV Show
(Aired: 28 January 2008)

The footage is filmed near Washington, D.C., according to the video source.

The UFO seems to be disk shaped with a dome on the top.

If one freeze-frames the video, one can see that the UFO reflects the sunshine! By using the sunlight reflection - one sees that the Sun’s reflection on the UFO and on the tennis net post (lower left corner) corresponds. This can be seen 4 seconds into the first video, when one freeze-frames the footage.

It is not known when the footage was recorded.

In the last video it seems that the UFO is flying to the left: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
UFO Filmed by Surveillance Camera,
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK,
17 July 1998, 10:20 p.m.
(Edinburgh Live TV, UK)

The UFO footage was broadcasted on the Scottish TV channel, Edinburgh Live TV.

The footage seemingly shows a disk shaped UFO with a dome on top, which flies slowly over Edinburgh:

Saturday, 26 July 2008

NASA TV UFOs: UFOs Filmed from the Shuttle

The video found at the below link is a NASA TV UFO footage compilation.

If you fast-forward the footage, you'll see better why the objects in this footage cannot be explained away as stars or meteors, as is often claimed by NASA officials:
UFO Filmed during Space Shuttle Landing, Daytime

This footage (unknown Space Shuttle mission) comes from Fox News. It shows the Atlantis Space Shuttle during a landing at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Cape Canaveral, Florida. The cylindrical-shaped UFO can be seen 6 seconds into the video:
Possible UFO Filmed over Oklahoma during Tornado,
3 May 1999, Daytime

This footage filmed by KWTV 9 News, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, shows a possible, fast-flying UFO.

The cylindrical shaped UFO can be seen 5 seconds into the video:
NASA Apollo 11 Launch UFO, 16 July 1969, 13:32 UTC

Video comment (by the video source): "This clip shows the original Apollo 11 launch sequence as shown on TV. Watch closely starting at the 1:30 mark as a huge, cylindrical, bullet-shaped UFO flies through the frame from right to left. Judging from the relative size, the object appears to be several times the size of the Saturn V rocket. Slow motion of the frames in question are included at the end."

My comment: As mentioned by the video source, this official NASA footage was broadcasted on US and international TV channels live. Therefore, this footage qualifies as a real TV broadcast. The cylindrical-shaped UFO can be seen 1:34 minutes into the video:

Here is another Apollo 11 launch video, which corroborates the first. The UFO can be seen at 7:08 minutes into the video:

Friday, 25 July 2008

UFOs Filmed by NASA TV from the Space Shuttle Atlantis (Fox News Report)

I am of the opinion that this FOX News report about official NASA TV UFO footage, is the strongest evidence for UFOs flying near the NASA Space Shuttles!

Mr. Wayne Hale, NASA Space Shuttle Program Manager, admits here that NASA rarely finds out where these objects come from!!!

Didn't Mr. Hale, here, in effect admit that UFOs fly close to the NASA Space Shuttle on virtually every Space Shuttle Mission (meaning: NASA does neither know what these unidentified objects are nor where they come from)?! NASA officials have repeatedly said in several NASA documentaries I have seen, that NASA has REGISTERED and TRACKS EVERY PIECE of space debris which floats near the Earth.

Maybe some of you are thinking the same thing I am thinking?

54 seconds into this video, you will see that one of the UFOs starts to accelerate, while the three other UFOs seemingly do not move:
New York City UFO Caught on ABC News Broadcast,
Unknown Date, Daytime

It's unknown when the UFO was filmed, but it is possible that the video source recorded it just a few days prior to 11 July 2006.

The video was added to YouTube on 11 July 2006:

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Tube-shaped UFO Filmed by Fox News TV Camera Man

Video comment (by video source): "The film was recorded outside Albany, New York by a Fox TV News photographer on the afternoon, the 20th of October, 2002, who happened to film a tube-shaped object moving across the sky."

My comment: This daytime UFO footage does not come from a TV broadcast, but I include the video in my blogspot, because the UFO was filmed by a Fox News camera man:

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

UFOs Over Jalapa, Mexico, 24 June 2005, 10:30 a.m.

Video comment (by the video source): "A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday, June 24, 2005, at 10:30 AM, in Jalapa, Mexico. This stunning event was witnessed by Jalapa's governor, Fidel Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, many officers of the Jalapa police department, newspapers and television reporters and many people gathered at Casa Veracruz for an official ceremony for the delivery of new police patrol cars to the police department. A spectacular UFO fleet of at least 14 unknown flying objects shocked the entire gathering at Casa Veracruz, who, pointing to the sky, screamed "OVNIs OVNIs!!" in a tremendous state of excitement."

My comment: This is real TV UFO footage filmed by the Mexican TV channel, TV Azteca. The occasion was a TV report about Jalapa's Governor, Mr. Fidel Herrera Beltran. In the video we can see Fidel Herrera Beltran and members of his staff being made aware of the UFOs in the sky:
Best NASA TV Close-up UFO Footage Ever?

This footage also comes from the NASA STS-124 Mission.

Video comment (by video source): "This is probably the best close up footage EVER of an "Orb" type UFO. I got it LIVE and direct from NASA's own DVB satellite feed."

My comment: One clearly sees that this UFO flies in a curved path. That means that the object cannot be Space debris:

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

NASA TV Films a Luminous UFO
Ascending from the Earth's Atmosphere

This is again footage from the NASA STS-124 Discovery Mission.

As we clearly see the Earth's curvature, it is easy to see that the UFO ascends from the atmosphere.
NASA TV UFOs: UFO Filmed during the NASA STS-124
Space Shuttle Mission

NASA STS-124: Launch date: 31 May 2008 /
Landing date: 14 June 2008.

Video comment (by video source): "STS-124 UFO caught on infrared camera. No audio at 1:22 and 1:26, you can see camera flash. Where are the pictures? Press Coverage?"

My comment: Again one can see a UFO sphere flying close to the Space Shuttle, as we see in this NASA TV footage.

And to be perfectly honest, many of the UFOs which are seen near the Space Shuttle and ISS change flight course. Space debris doesn't do that!

Here is another video of a UFO sphere, which was filmed during the STS-124 Mission:

Monday, 21 July 2008

UFO on NASA Livestream, ISS, July 15, 2008, 5 p.m.

This live NASA TV footage from the ISS is stunning. We clearly see that the NASA camera focuses on the luminous UFO and follows its flight path. The UFO seems to enter the Earth’s atmosphere! The camera is controlled from the NASA Headquarters in Houston. Apparently, a new sort of debris has been found in space. Namely, self-luminous space debris!

Apart from that, I have only one thing to say: Just listen to the conversation!!

It is easy to hear that the NASA spokeswoman interrupts the ISS crew's conversation about the UFO!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Foo Fighter Footage in "The World At War" TV Series

This video footage is taken from "The World at War", The Pacific (Chapter 23) TV series. This UFO was accidentally recorded by the World War 2 camera crew on a U.S. aircraft carrier. The UFO sphere comes in from the left, 2 seconds into this video. This is a daytime UFO film:
Possible UFO Caught on Fox Newscast, 20 May 2008, Daytime

The UFO can be seen 2 seconds into the video. The UFO seems to be cylindrical shaped:
UFO in U.S. Air Force Commercial,
Unknown Date, Daytime

The UFO shows up just before the bomb explodes, 21 seconds into the video. It flies unbelievably fast to the right. Freeze-frame it to see the shape of the UFO, which seems to be cylindrical shaped.

This footage comes most likely from the Pentagon Channel, which we have in Europe, too.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Three Mid-June 2007 TV UFO Sightings

From 12 to 20 June 2007 I discovered three daytime UFOs in TV news broadcasts.

On 12 June 2007 during an NBC News report from Gaza City, a hovering white luminous UFO was seen on the right side of the screen, behind the reporter. The UFO seemed to be oval shaped.

The next sighting is the first 'real TV' UFO sighting I have seen on Norwegian TV. It occurred on 13 June 2007, a day after the previous sighting. During a Dagsrevyen (NRK) (the main news broadcast) news report regarding Norway’s Labour Union (Landsorganisasjonen, LO), a white, self-luminous, spherical shaped UFO was sighted while it flew slowly, right above the LO building in central Oslo, Norway. NRK is Norway’s state broadcasting corporation.

The third TV UFO sighting on 20 June 2007 again comes from an NBC News report. During a report from Los Angeles, California about US/Mexico border issues, a white luminous sphere was sighted while it flew slowly at the centre of the screen. The UFO was seen at the moment news reporter Lisa Myers says: “There is also a problem on this side of the border.”

All three UFOs seem to hover/fly very low.

Monday, 14 July 2008

UFO Sphere in a National Geographic Documentary

Place: Gulf of Corinth, near Patras, Greece/Date: Unknown/Time: 17:00/Video added (YouTube): 2 April 2008.

This UFO footage was found in a TV documentary about the construction of the Rio-Antirio Bridge, which links the towns of Rio and Antirio in Greece.

The sphere comes in from the left, 7 seconds into this video, flies to the right and then stops right above the crane:

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Stationary UFO Filmed by a Cell Phone during Horse Handling, Suceava, Romania, 24 June 2007, Daytime

This UFO footage comes from a Pro TV, Romania report about horse handling. This is a very interesting UFO video, which shows a UFO that hover above a group of farmers, who are trying to get a horse to obey orders.
UFO Caught on CNN 3rd Clip, 9 (September)/11-2001, Daytime

Here is another UFO (or maybe it's the same UFO as seen in the CBS footage) found on CNN! This UFO seemingly looks like a classic flying saucer. The UFO is seen above the WTC 27 seconds into the video:
CBS UFO Video, 9 (September)/11-2001, Daytime

A UFO is filmed near the WTC by the CBS then the broadcast switches back to the news presenters!

Video text (by YouTube video source, nanoprobe73): "UFO! I was always suspicious why they broke away so quick."

Another striking thing about this phenomenon (9/11 and UFOs), is the fact that many of these videos (from TV news reports) have been removed from the Web. I noticed this because I have been registering these videos for years:
UFO in Footage from the Iraq War, 17 September 2006, Daytime

Here is a UFO found in a TVP 2 (Poland) news report about the bomb attacks in Kirkuk, Iraq on 17 September 2006. The UFO can be seen after 38 seconds:
UFO Found In the Documentary Film, 
“Billion $ Secret”

Source: TVUFOFootage (YouTube channel)

Here is another UFO found in a TV broadcast (The Learning Channel). A reader of the now defunct UFO Magazine, UKwas the one who discovered the UFO in this documentary:

What makes this UFO footage so exciting is the fact that the UFO seems to follow a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, which has just taken off from the Nellis Air Force Base runway during the Nellis AFB Air and Space Expo (year unknown)One can clearly see that the UFO reflects the sunlight.

Wikipedia article: “Nellis Air Force Base”:

(The Learning Channel/ image)
UFO Sphere in "The 10 Best Fighter Jets", Daytime
(Discovery Channel documentary)

When watching the recording of this documentary, I discovered a UFO sphere which flew right above the canopy of an F-22A Raptor in flight. In the footage, the small sphere flies along with the fighter jet for a few seconds, then it moves straight up, stops for a fraction of a second and then continues straight up. The footage seems to have been recorded in the south-western US, judging by the landscape.

This footage looks similar to the footage of the UFO, which seemingly checks out a Concorde airplane during a test flight over the UK.

NB The videos below are only placed here to show how the UFO in the Discovery Channel documentary manoeuvred.


A UFO follows a Concorde airplane during a test flight over England, UK:

This footage would seemingly be easy to corroborate, either by others who have the documentary or by purchasing it directly from the Discovery Channel. Again - the best thing about these real TV UFOs is the fact that a hoax can be ruled out with a 100% certainty!
Two UFOs in Unbelievable BBC News Footage, Israel,
20 September 2007, Daytime

This UFO video shows two UFOs which ascend between two fighter jets.

This incredible UFO video should definitely be analysed by the best video analysts in the world.

If anyone should think that UFOs are a figment of human imagination, you should check out this video:

( image)
UFO Videotaped during the 2003 Power Blackout,
14 August 2003, Daytime

Source: TVUFOFootage (YouTube channel)

This TV UFO footage is rather stirring, considering the circumstances! This is a UFO video of a sphere flying above the Queensboro Bridge in New York City on Thursday, 14 August 2003. The UFO was captured on the Fox News show, "The Big Story," hosted by John Gibson. If anyone else has this footage - the UFO appears as live helicopter footage is broadcast from above the Queensboro Bridge. The UFO sphere flies to the right, takes a perfect U-turn and flies over the bridge, which is packed with walking people! This is a daytime video, therefore it is easy to see that it is a spherical object. The fact that UFOs were seen in Ohio a short time before the blackout - make you think twice about the blackout:

Zoom footage:

(TVUFOFootage/ images)
UFO Footage Found on Travel Channel (U.S.) TV Show, 2005, Daytime

Comment by the video source: "This UFO video was found on the Internet. I think this was filmed in Utah, USA. Also note all the chemtrails in the sky. It was broadcast on the Travel Channel sometime in 2005."

UFOs Found In TV Broadcasts

In the course of video taping TV documentaries, reports and news reports – I have found (and video copied) a large number of anomalous flying objects in the footage of these broadcasts. This UFO blogspot will also include real TV UFO videos found on the Web. In future posts I will describe each real TV UFO sighting. The video link will also be posted if it's available. It's impossible that these videos are UFO hoaxes. Each real TV UFO footage video can be corroborated by the corresponding TV channel footage!

In addition, I will also present any real UFO evidence recorded or obtained by a media company or government source from around the world.


Alfred Røsberg, Norway