Friday, 17 October 2008

UFO Filmed during a Space Shuttle Launch, 
Unknown Date, Night-time

This NASA TV footage shows the UFO, which was filmed close to the Space Shuttle shortly after a launch. The UFO is seen 4 seconds into the video.

And, no aircraft known to US aerial and/or space authorities flies anywhere near the Space Shuttle launching pad during a launch.

This video also includes the audio message by astronaut Catherine Coleman, during the STS-73 mission (20 October 1995 - 5 November 1995), where she says (22 seconds into the video), “We have an unidentified flying object.” That statement certainly got my attention when I saw the documentary. This audio message was recorded by a US amateur radio enthusiast. As a Norwegian it’s interesting to note that she (Coleman) was an exchange student at Røyken upper secondary school in Norway in 1979-1980.

Other stories in the video includes the story about the light flashes seen by the astronauts during the STS-82 mission (11 February 1997 - 21 February 1997), UFOs seen by Russian cosmonauts and an interview with astronaut Gordon Cooper, where he recounts his own UFO sighting in a fighter jet over Germany in 1951.