Tuesday, 12 April 2011

UFO TV News Report:
“UFOs & the FBI”, 12 April 2011
(ABC KOAT Action 7 News, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Action 7 News reports on the UFO files on “The Vault” website:


(wpbf.com photo)
UFO Mailing List Post:
“Hastings On ‘Roswell FBI Memo:
Baloney Or Hogwash?’ ”
by Robert L. Hastings, 12 April 2011
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

In this mailing list post, Robert L. Hastings presents a Christian
Science Monitor news article (5 December 1973) regarding a
UFO incident that occurred over a North Dakota ICBM facility
on 24 August 1966, among other things:


Raymond E. Fowler, a Minuteman missile project supervisor working for Sylvania Corporation, was the focus of the article, Hastings reports.

Raymond E. Fowler,
U.S. UFO Author &
(nicap.org photo)