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UFO Book:

The UFO Evidence was published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in 1964:

SECTION I. A Cross-section of significant cases and guide to additional examples in other sections:

SECTION II. Intelligent Control:

SECTION III. Air Force Observations:

SECTION IV. Army, Navy & Marine Corps:

SECTION V. Pilots & Aviation Experts:

SECTION VI. Scientists & Engineers:

SECTION VII. Officials & Citizens:

Section VIII. Special Evidence:

Section IX. The Air Force Investigation:

SECTION X. Foreign Reports:

SECTION XI. The UFO Chronology:

SECTION XII. Patterns:

SECTION XIII. Congress & the UFOs:

SECTION XIV. The Problems & the Dangers:

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UFO News Article:
“New Zealand Investigates 5 UFO Reports”,
24 December 1978 (The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania)

New Zealand’s Defence Department investigated five UFO incidents in December 1978, according to The Pittsburgh Press:,2757310

Quote from the article:
“The reports said the pilot of a commercial airliner claimed one UFO shadowed him for 12 miles on his approach to Christchurch Airport early Friday (22 December 1978).

Capt. Vern Powell, a pilot for 25 years, described the object as ‘a brilliant white light, like an arc lamp, and moving at tremendous speed.’

In a dramatic message to Christchurch control tower he said, ‘something’s coming towards us at tremendous speed.

It has traveled 24 kilometers (16 miles) in five seconds. It has now abruptly veered off.’

Powell said his crew saw the UFO clearly and Civil Aviation radar in Wellington tracked it.”

NOTE: The newspaper date is 24 December 1978.

Aerial view of Christchurch International Airport,
Christchurch, New Zealand ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO flight will be re-enacted on 30th anniversary”,
10 October 2008

(The New Zealand Herald, Auckland, New Zealand)

The New Zealand Herald reports on the famous 30/31 December 1978 Kaikoura, New Zealand UFO incident:

The 30/31 December 1978 Kaikoura UFO incident:
Freeze-frame from TV cameraman David Crockett’s UFO film
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