Saturday, 14 September 2013

UFO Article:
“Documento da FAB confirma
a existência do fenômeno OVNI”
(“FAB document confirms
the existence of UFOs”)

11 September 2013 
(Cavok Brasil, Brazil)

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) document relates to the 19 May 1986 “Official Night of the UFOs” incident.

The CINDACTA I radar centre (the Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defence Centre in Brasilia) tracked 21 UFOs over South East Brazil.

When it comes to this case, we see that different sources give different information about how many fighter jets were ordered scrambled.

Portal Fenomenum’s report (which includes government documents) ( on the case informs us that the Brazilian Air Force  sent up two F-5E Tiger II and two Dassault Mirage III  fighter jets to pursue thirteen UFOs: 

English translation:

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The  Coat of Arms of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)
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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“Air Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79: ANALYSIS OF FLYING OBJECT INCIDENTS

Air Intelligence Division Study No. 203, 10 December 1948
(Directorate of Intelligence, U.S. Air Force and Office of Naval Intelligence, U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.) 


Quote from the Air Intelligence Report:

11. SINCE the Air Force is responsible for control of the air in the defense of the U.S., it is imperative that all other agencies cooperate in confirming or denying the possibility that these objects have a domestic origin. Otherwise, if it is firmly indicated that there is no domestic explanation, the objects are a threat and warrant more active efforts of identification and interception.

12. IT MUST be accepted that some type of flying objects have been observed, although their identification and origin are not discernable. In the interest of national defense it would be unwise to overlook the possibility that some of these objects may be of foreign origin.”

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