Sunday, 31 May 2009

UFO TV News Report:
The John Gilligan (Ohio Governor) UFO Sighting,
October 1973 & the 1973 Eastern U.S. UFO Sighting Wave,
17 October 1973 (CBS News, New York City)

CBS News reports on the UFO sighting by Ohio Governor John Gilligan and the United States UFO sighting wave that took place in the eastern states during the second half of 1973:

The report also showed an interview with Mississippi Highway Patrolman David Tomasovsky of the Gulfport Police Department regarding his own UFO sighting. Tomasovsky’s account of the UFO sighting was corroborated by fellow Patrolman Sergeant David Waller, who also saw the UFO.

But what did the last part of the report (Walter Cronkite's funny story) have to do with the UFO sightings? The answer:
One Governor and two Police officers.

It’s as if they (CBS News) said, “Yes, if you're a U.S. politician or government official we’ll tell your UFO story, but be aware that at the end of the report we’ll present a story, which will make fun of the whole (UFO) subject (and in effect, you)." And anyone who’s seen a few UFO TV news reports has seen the banter presented by the TV reporters at the end of a UFO story. It’s hilarious to watch! And who learned that in journalism school? The good thing is that in the last few years we have seen more and more UFO TV news reports being presented by professional TV reporters, who present only the facts.

Back to this CBS News UFO report. Shouldn’t their policy have been: Let’s do everything in our power so that more U.S. politicians and/or government officials (credible UFO witnesses) come forward with their UFO stories. The big question is, why did they do the opposite in this UFO report?

Highway Patrolman David Tomasovsky, Gulfport Police
Department recounts his UFO sighting