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UFO Newspaper Letter:
“The Morning’s Mail:
UFO Sighting Nets Odd Explanation”

23 October 1967
(The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York)


The whole letter:
“To the Editor of The Post-Standard.

I’m beginning to think that we in this area have been ‘had.’ In the past three years, many local UFO sightings have been reported by the press here. You may recall that a good percentage of these was ‘explained’ as the misidentification by the observers of a high-altitude, experimental aircraft from Griffiss Air Force Base at nearby Rome.

So many of our local large-scale sightings have been instantly ‘crushed’ by word from Hancock Field Air Force officials or from Griffiss itself. We have heard this ‘experimental aircraft’ theory so much that it seems to be a now customary reply for those who report that they have seen a UFO.

I am amazed now to learn that it isn’t just this area that has been flooded with these ‘explanations.’ I firmly believe that it’s high time we re-evaluate the worth of these statements, mainly because of this incident:

Several months ago, during nine consecutive evening hours, hundreds of persons in the Oneonta area observed an object flashing red, white, and greenish-blue lights alternately. Among the observers were a newspaper sports editor, a Chamber of Commerce executive, and a school district superintendent.

In Oneonta, just as in Syracuse, a statement was issued by Griffiss AFB to the effect that they had a lighted high-altitude plane aloft at the time which was flying in a circle over Rome.

This is one time when that worn-out explanation didn’t go over very well. Witnesses to the sighting quickly rejected Griffiss statement, explaining that Rome is approximately north-northwest of Oneonta — and the UFO was seen in the east, toward Stamford.


My comment:
This newspaper letter is something to think about the next time we read some of Project Blue Book’s UFO case reports or read/hear military statements about UFO incidents.

Wikipedia article: “Griffiss Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia article: “Hancock Field Air National Guard Base”:

Wikipedia article: “Oneonta, New York”:

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UFO News Article:
“UFOs Reported In LA Area”

23 March 1977
(The Times, San Mateo, California)


The whole article:
“Police, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrol officers and Air Force guards reported a rash of UFO sightings in Southern California — at least seven in a 9-hour period.

The law enforcement officers reported mysterious bright lights that hovered, cruised and zoomed in the skies over Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

All the sightings were reported Monday night [21 March 1977] and early Tuesday [22 March 1977].

A Los Angeles Sheriff’s helicopter crew — Raymond Davis, 39, and Theodore Roach, 40 — said they were about 600 feet over La Mirada Monday night when they observed two lights in the Whittier Hills area.

They tried to follow them at 80 miles an hour but the objects were faster.

About eight hours later, at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, security guards at March Air Force Base in the desert 50 miles east of Los Angeles reported mysterious bright lighted objects in the sky.

Nearby, two Highway Patrol officers, Robert Scholl and L. Orchard, noted in their log ‘a bright light with a vapour trail’ that hovered over the Box Springs Canyon area north of the air base in Riverside County.

At the same time and 50 miles to the west, Los Angeles [Sheriff’s] Deputies Lonnie Hicks, 28, and Robert Carr, 34, said they saw a bright light following another light through the sky over Firestone. A resident in the area called the sheriff’s station to report the same objects, deputies said.

About 10 minutes later and 12 miles to the south, Deputy John McSorley at the sheriff’s helicopter station at Long Beach reported two mysterious bright lights eastbound over the airfield.

Another 12 miles to the southwest, and five minutes later, two objects were reported by police in Huntington Beach.

About the same time, officers in Ventura County, some 60 miles to the northwest, reported similar sightings.

Sgt. Vincent Rupp, monitoring radio traffic at the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, said there were many radio reports of such sightings between 3:45 and 4 a.m. in Southern California and some from as far away as Salinas.”

Wikipedia article: “March Air Reserve Base”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
March Air Reserve Base (IATA: RIV, ICAO: KRIV, FAA LID: RIV) (March ARB), previously known as March Air Force Base (March AFB) is located in Riverside County, California between the cities of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Perris. It is the home to the Air Force Reserve Command’s Fourth Air Force (4 AF) Headquarters and the host 452d Air Mobility Wing (452 AMW), the largest air mobility wing of the Fourth Air Force.[3] In addition to multiple units of the Air Force Reserve Command supporting Air Mobility Command, Air Combat Command and Pacific Air Forces, March ARB is also home to units from the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, California Air National Guard and the California Army National Guard. For almost 50 years, March AFB was a Strategic Air Command base during the Cold War. The facility covers 2,075 acres (840 ha) of land.[2]”

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UFO Case Directory (IMCAT):
“DSP Satellite Tracks Fast Walker
May 5, 1984


The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
May 5, 1984; ORBIT
At 1400 hours zulu time, an object was spotted by a US, the ultra-sensitive orbiting USDSP satellites our county uses for detailed surveillance and air defense. It was reportedly tracked as it sped first directly toward the Earth at 22,000 mph and passed if front and within 15 miles of the satellite. It suddenly and without impact or contact with other devices or obstructions curved outward, away from the Earth. It was tracked for another 9 minutes until it then disappeared. [An] alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. It had been determined to NOT be incoming ballistic missiles, or any other type of conventionally explainable object. These satellites have the infra-red capability to spot small heat sources on the surface of the [Earth] and are time-proven as effective monitoring devices.”

Wikipedia article: “Defense Support Program”:

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DSP satellite deployment during STS-44 (text by Wikipedia)
( (NASA/ photo)