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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“SUBJECT: (Unclassified) Radar Sightings of Aerial Phenomena, National Airport, Washington, D.C., 25 July 1952 - SPECIAL INQUIRY”

By Gilbert R. Levy, Chief, Counter-Intelligence Division,
Directorate of Special Investigations, The Inspector General,
29 July 1952
(U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Document source:

The memorandum was sent to General Carroll.

The whole text of the memorandum:
       “1.  In light of recent wide publicity concerning the above subject, I caused a check to be made for the purpose of determining the basis of recent releases to news media.

        2.  We were advised by the current Intelligence Branch, Estimates Division, AFOIN, which has staff responsibility with respect to these reports, that much of the publicity of the past few days is the result of a radar sighting of unidentified aerial objects by the Civil Aeronautics Administration at National Airport at 2115 hours, 25 July 1952. These sightings continued from 2115 hours, 25 July until 0010 hours on 26 July, and were described by radar operators as ‘good sharp targets.’ They were observed in numbers from four to eight.

        3.  At 2320 hours, 25 July 1952, two (2) Air Force F-94s were dispatched from New Castle AFB, Delaware, for the purpose of intercepting objects which have been sighted by radar. One of the F-94s reportedly made visual contact with one of the objects and at first appeared to be gaining on it, but the object and the F-94 were observed on the radar scope and appeared to be traveling at the same approximate speed. However, when it attempted to overtake the object, the object disappeared both from the pursuant aircraft and the radar scope. The pilot of the F-94 remarked of the ‘incredible speed of the object.’

        4.  The Director of Intelligence advises that no theory exists at the present time as to the origin of the objects and they are considered to be unexplained. Much of the publicity has been based on authorized news releases by the Air Force.

        5.  We were informed that any additional information pertinent to the matter would be furnished OSI.          

        6.  We are at present making no inquiry into the matter in
the absence of a request from AFOIN under Air Force Letter
No. 200-2.”

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