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Newsletter Quote:

Number One, January 1978
(Project Stigma, Paris, Texas)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (, Norrköping, Sweden

Project Stigma was run by the late animal mutilation researcher Thomas (Tom) R. Adams.

Quote from the newsletter issue:

The following listing can in no way claim to be complete. As always, we suspect that we are unaware of many mutilation incidents. Some are reported to law enforcement agencies, but do not surface in the press; others are not reported ‘officially’ at all. We are fortunate to have learned of a few such occurrences through word-of-mouth. It will be noted that in 1977, as in the previous year, mutilations were occurring spottily but steadily, but with nowhere near the intensity of the extensive and inexorable wave of 1975, when hundreds of possible mutilations were reported. Nevertheless, we can draw attention to one important fact – they have yet to cease:


ColoradoCostilla County; 3 cows; unidentified helicopter; nocturnal revolving lights.”

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