Thursday, 10 December 2015

UFO News Article:
“St. George residents sight UFO over river”

17 March 1975
(Bangor Daily News, Maine)

The article reports on a March 1975 UFO incident that occurred over the St. George River in St. George, Maine:

Quote from the article:
“The woman was not alone in viewing a strange object in the sky about a week ago. It was estimated eight to 10 area residents watched the unexplained object for up to two hours, with one resident seemingly getting a response fom a high-powered ground light signal.

The object, said the St. George resident, appeared to be larger than a ‘jet’s wing,’ surrounded by about a dozen red and green lights, and with three large white lights in a triangular setting on the front. After attempting to signal the object with the ground light, the colored lights went out. The object then proceeded to make a low pass over several homes in the area.

‘It made a humming noise,’ the woman said. ‘We all heard it. It was not loud.’

There was no form which could be distinguished in the night sky, the witness said, but the three white lights were clearly visible.

‘This (UFO) is not like a plane.’ She said the UFO simply hovered in one spot for lengthy periods. ‘I never saw a plane do that,’ she said.”

Map of St. George, Maine
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