Monday, 1 August 2011

UFO News Article:
“111 reports make it average year for UFOs”,
8 November 1973 (The Calgary Herald, Canada)

The National Research Council Canada received 111 UFO reports in 1973, The Calgary Herald reports:,3198806

The logo of the National Research Council Canada
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UFO Book (Preview):
“UFO CANADA” by Yurko Bondarchuk

The book was published by Signet in 1981:

Joseph Daniels presents excerpts from the following chapters:
UFOs and Military Installations (6)
Military Pilot Sightings (7)
The E. M. Effect and Power Blackouts (9)
The Canadian Government and UFOs (12) (except page 165):
Department of National Defence & DRB
Department of Transport & Project Magnet

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Map of Canada (
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