Saturday, 1 June 2013

UFO News Article: 
“Police investigate hundreds of 
reports of UFOs in Sussex”,
27 May 2013 (The Argus, Brighton and Hove, UK)

Sussex Police has received 111 reports of UFOs since 2007, according to the article:

Map of the County of Sussex, UK (
( image)
UFO Press Release: 
by Gary Heseltine, 17 May 2013
(PRUFOS Police Database, UK)

Gary Heseltine informs about his upcoming book, “UFOs – Through Police Eyes,” and his new bi-monthly online e-zine, 
UFO Truth Magazine:

UK Detective Constable Gary Heseltine (Ret.) testified during 
the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure ( image)
UFO News Article: 
“VIDEO – Holmfirth UFO expert
Gary Heseltine set to launch magazine”,
29 May 2013 (Huddersfield Daily Examiner, UK)

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports on Gary Heseltine’s new bi-monthly online e-zine, UFO Truth Magazine:

Heseltine runs the PRUFOS Police Database.

Gary Heseltine, UK Detective Constable (Ret.) &
UFO Researcher ( photo)
UFO News Article:
28 April 1916, Issue 51 
(Daily Alaska Dispatch, Juneau, Alaska)
(JTC UFO Database)

The article reports on a UFO incident that occurred over Gastineau Channel (near Juneau, Alaska) on 27 April 1916, 
at 10:00 p.m.:

The whole article:
“The night operator at the wireless station saw a strange white light, much larger and brighter than a star, over Gastineau channel last night at about 10 o’clock, which he says moved away and was lost behind the mountain up the channel.”

Gastineau Channel, Juneau, Alaska (
( photo)
UFO Article (Blog): 
“2013 MUFON PARIS Meeting” 
by Philippe Ailleris, 22 April 2013 
(UAP Observations Reporting Scheme)

“On the 11th of January 2013, a series of meetings took place in Paris between the American Mutual UFO Network (MUFON, David MacDonald), the French Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Study Group (GEIPAN, Xavier Passot) and various European Ufologists,” Philippe Ailleris informs:

“2013 MUFON Paris meeting_notes”:

David MacDonald, MUFON International Director
( photo)