Sunday, 20 March 2016

UFO Article:
“The Greek Ghost Rockets of 1946”

By Thanassis Vembos
(, Greece)

Quote from the article:
“On September 5, 1946, Greek prime minister Constantine Tsaldaris, while in London, stated during a press conference that ‘flying rockets’ were sighted in the skies of Northern Greece. In particular, twelve rockets were spotted during the night of September 1 by Greek divisional commanders and British officers; they flew from north to south and to other directions too; their nature and origin remained unknown. One of them was seen by British officers in Thessaloniki; the rest were seen in various areas, from Stavroupoli to Kastoria, over Serres and Drama (cities in western central and eastern Macedonia). Note that all the above regions border with Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, countries that actively supported the bloody Communist Rebellion (1946-49); tensions with northern neighbors were extremely high at the time and the presence of British military was strong. ‘We do not know where the rockets were from,’ stated Tsaldaris diplomatically, ‘or from which direction they came.’ Tsaldaris statement hit the headlines in most of Greek newspapers the next day, September 6.

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