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UFO News Article:
“Report UFO’s”

27 March 1967
(The Kingston Daily Freeman, New York)


The whole article:
“Unidentified flying objects known as UFO’s were reported seen during the weekend [Saturday, 25 and Sunday, 26  March 1967] hovering over the campus of the State University College at New Paltz and above the Ashokan Reservoir. Reports from the college area said a UFO seen over the college was circular in shape and yellow, changing at times to green and red. From the Ashokan area came reports that a red and white object was seen over the reservoir.”

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Ashokan Reservoir with the peaks of the Catskills’ Burroughs Range in the distance. (text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)

Satellite photo of New Paltz, New York (
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UFO News Article:
“Residents Report UFOs
Sightings In P’burgh Area”

28 February 1967
(The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York)


The whole article:
“Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were hovering about the area again Sunday night [26 February 1967], with multiple - sightings reported about the same time.

State police and Air Force officials reported most of the calls from the West End of the city, the airport and West Plattsburgh.

Callers said an oval of light, considerably larger than a star, appeared to hover low in the sky west of the city. Some saw another object with a red light which appeared to be flying around under the light.

After remaining in the area several minutes, observers said it blinked from sight.

Air Force officials advised the only aircraft logged in that part of the sky at the time was a light plane, which was incapable of hovering.”

Wikipedia article: “Plattsburgh (city), New York”:

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Satellite photo of Plattsburgh, New York (
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