Saturday, 29 May 2010

UFO TV News Reports:
Italia1, Rai 2 & Lunaset
Report on the Crispano, Naples UFO Incident

A 42-year-old waste collector allegedly sighted two red, spherical shaped UFOs which manoeuvred over a field near the football stadium in Crispano, Naples, Italy on 28 May 2010, at 2:00 a.m.

Several traces were found in the field.

Each UFO had a diameter of circa one metre, according to the UFO witness.

“Mistero a Napoli”, 28 May 2010 (Studio Aperto, Italia1):

“UFO a Crispano”, 28 May 2010 (Tg2, Rai 2):

“Cerci nel Grano: Presunti Avvistamenti UFO a Crispano”,
28 May 2010 (Lunaset):

(“Crop Circles: Alleged UFO Sightings in Crispano”),
28 May 2010 (Lunaset) (English translation):

Rai is Italy’s state broadcaster.

UFO News Article:
SCHOOL SILENT: What was it?”, 14 April 1966
(The Dandenong Journal, Melbourne, Australia)

The Dandenong Journal reports on its investigation into the 6 April 1966 Westall Primary School (Clayton, Melbourne) UFO incident:

NOTE: Westall Primary School can be found on Google Earth.

One of the Westall UFO witnesses points to the spot where the UFO landed (Bill Chalker photo)