Monday, 26 October 2009

UFO TV News Report:
“Air Force UFO Report”, 24 June 1997
(CNN, Atlanta, Georgia)

The U.S. Air Force held a press conference regarding the
“The Roswell Report” on 24 June 1997. Colonel John Haynes
represented the U.S. Air Force.

Part 3 contains an interview with esteemed author and UFO researcher Jim Marrs: (1) (2) (3)

Short excerpt from the press conference:

Colonel Haynes was also asked several questions about UFOs in general. And he answered that he personally does not believe that UFOs exist, that the U.S. government does not investigate UFO cases any longer and that he didn’t believe that the U.S. government would investigate UFOs in the future.

This begs the question: Why then have the U.S. Air Force (!!), U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, DIA, CIA, FBI, NSA and NRO released thousands of UFO documents which are dated after 17 December 1969?

Aren’t these released U.S. government UFO FOIA documents bona fide proof of ongoing U.S. government UFO investigations and interest?!

If the U.S. government's UFO investigations had ended on 17 December 1969, you shouldn’t have found a single U.S. government UFO document dated after the aforementioned date!

News articles regarding “The Roswell Report”:

“Report on Roswell 'UFO crash' due soon” (CNN):

“Air Force Details a New Theory in U.F.O. Case”, 25 June 1997 (The New York Times):

“The Roswell Report: Case Closed - The Declassified Evidence (1997)”, 18 September 2009 (The New York Times):

U.S. Department of Defense document (


Actual document in PDF file format:

Wikipedia article:
“Air Force reports on the Roswell UFO incident”:

Colonel John Haynes,
U.S. Air Force
UFO TV Report by Kenny Young:
“UFO Report: The Pierce Township Incident” (CPC21)

In the autumn of 1991 six firemen from the Pierce Township Fire Department were called out on what they initially believed to be a routine job. The emergency phone call came in as a car accident.

Louis Spears, one of the firemen, is interviewed on "UFO Report". He refused to talk about the UFO incident for several years.

Spears claims that when he arrived at the scene of what he thought was a car accident, he saw an unknown, cylindrical shaped object which hovered beside the pickup truck. Another fireman said that the unknown object was spherical shaped.

Spears recounts that he and the other firemen were summoned back to the Fire Department the next day. There they were allegedly debriefed by three plain clothed strangers. The strangers were intimidating and told the firemen that “this incident didn’t happen”.

Pierce Township (Clermont County) is situated in South-Western Ohio.

This UFO TV report (reporter: Donnie Blessing) was originally aired on CPC21 in Northern Kentucky: