Wednesday, 28 April 2010

UFO News Article:
“Can we handle THE TRUTH?”,
29 April 2010 (Abilene Reporter News, Texas)

Angelia Joiner reports on the UK astrophysicist Dr. Stephen Hawking’s recent comment on contact with extraterrestrial civilisations and the mass UFO sightings that occurred over Stephenville, Texas on 8, 9 and 10 January 2008, among other issues:

Angelia Joiner broke the story on the Stephenville UFO incident.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) radar graph of the large UFO which was sighted over Stephenville, Texas, on 8 January 2008 (MUFON image)
UFO News Article:
“Soviet Radar Spots UFOs”,
19 April 1967 (The Miami News, Florida)

The article reported on the UFO statements made by Soviet scientist Dr. Felix Y. Zigel in the Soviet youth magazine, Cmena:,569251

Soviet radar stations had registered UFOs for twenty years, Dr. Zigel admitted.

Dr. Felix Y. Zigel was a Doctor of Science and Assistant Professor of Cosmology at the Moscow Aviation Institute. And he was once Head of cosmonaut training in the Soviet Union.

UFO Authors & Researchers Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill take an in-depth look at the UFO phenomenon in the Soviet Union in their book, “Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon” (2006)
(Jerry photo)
UFO Webcam Photos:
UFO Photographed Over the
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Iceland

The self-luminous, unknown object was caught on three webcams in late March or early April 2010: