Monday, 17 September 2012

UFO Mailing List Post:
“Amazing Headline In Minot North Dakota Newspaper”
by Robert L. Hastings, 17 September 2012
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

Robert L. Hastings presents an article that was published by
The Minot Daily News on 6 December 1966:

Robert L. Hastings,
U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
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UFO News Article:
“Slew of light sightings reported in Newport”,
10-11 December 1994 (Bangor Daily News, Maine)

The article reports on several UFO incidents that occurred over Newport, Maine in late November 1994:,2846579

NOTE: The newspaper date is 10-11 December 1994.

The Bangor, Maine area experienced a UFO flap in December 1994 and January 1995.

Bangor is situated 39 kilometres (24 miles) east of Newport.

“Newport, Maine” (

Map of Newport, Maine (
( image)