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UFO Journal Article:
“Possible landing at Haukeli”

UFO-Norway News, No. 1/2 1991
(UFO-Norge, Bergen, Norway)

Quote from the article (Page 26):
Date: 24-29 March 1991
Time: Between 9.30 and 11.00 pm
Duration: Four consecutive observations, lasting from 1 hour to 
2 1/2 hrs each
Place: Øydeskyvatn, near Haukeli, Southern Norway
Witnesses: Signe Mjåland (main witness) together with 6 other witnesses
Nature of sighting: Luminous phenomenon at close range - suspected landing traces found

It seems that an extraordinary phenomenon has been observed for a prolonged period by several, apparantly reliable witnesses.

At one instance, the phenomenon was seen close (to) or at the ground, probably leaving markings in the snow. At any rate, being discovered by the witnesses the day after, it would be natural to connect these markings with the phenomenon’s descent.

Considering the laboratory tests, they seem somewhat inconclusive at the moment. The microbiological tests showed a definite difference between test and reference samples; however, the elemental analysis was indiscriminating.

As usual with cases like these, it is difficult to draw any definite conclusion. Assuming that the witnesses haven’t misperceived known phenomena (i.e. the moon, which may be the main culprit), we might safely state that something extraordinary has been observed, which has probably left physical traces on the ground – a classical CE II-case.”
A Norwegian UFO documentary film called “UFO også i Norge?” (“UFO also in Norway?”) ( (Source: serpentineufo (YouTube channel)) reports (starts at 21:12 minutes into the documentary) on the Haukeli UFO sightings. The UFO documentary film is presented at the website,, Norway.

A drawing and a photo of the alleged UFO landing traces (found at the shoreline of Øydeskyvatn (a mountain lake)) are shown respectively at 22:00 minutes and 22:31 minutes into the documentary.

The three spiral shaped circles had a diameter of about 50 centimetres, according to Signe Mjåland (a high school advisor). The distance between the circles was 3 metres (measured from the outside of the circles). 

“A probable fourth print was covered by water …,” the UFO-Norway News article says.

The UFO resembled the moon, according to the witnesses. Signe Mjåland said (in the documentary) that the object looked like a large halogen lamp and glowed red on the bottom. A drawing of the UFO is shown at 21:47 minutes into the documentary.

And one time when one of the witnesses shone a flashlight at the UFO –  it shut off the light, according to Signe Mjåland.

Øydeskyvatn (located 21 kilometres (13 miles) south west of Haukeligrend (or Haukeli)) can be found at these coordinates (Google Earth): 59°37'53.99"N  7°13'56.35"E.

Satellite photo of Haukeligrend (or Haukeli), Norway (
( photo)

Canadian Government UFO Document:
“Subject: June 30/July 1, 1950;
Royal Canadian Naval Air Station,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia”

(Royal Canadian Navy, Ottawa, Canada)

Source: (RADCAT)

Text by Daniel Wilson, 31 August 2010:
“The following pdf file contains all of the resized Canadian docs, Royal Canadian Navy-Naval Intelligence, below and are now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

Document Inventory
These documents were supplied by Don Ledger

Page 1 - Detection Observed on 30 June/ 1 July, 1950

Page 2 - Report on visit to Halifax

Page 3 - Object hovered momentarily

Page 4 - The two operators were on duty from dusk to dawn

Page 5 - C. V. Rayment

Page 6 - Visits to the Dartmouth Naval Radar Unit

Page 7 - One transatlantic aircraft was picked up on long range

Page 8 - Summary of the Radar Evidence

Page 9 - Summary of the Radar Evidence

Page 10 - Unidentified Aircraft-Radar Detections”

Wikipedia article: “CFB Shearwater”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“Shearwater is the second-oldest military aerodrome in Canada. In August 1918 the US Navy established Naval Air Station Halifax on the shores of Eastern Passage to support flying boat patrol aircraft. The seaplane station was taken over by the Air Board in 1920 for civil flying operations, and later developed by the Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. The station became known as RCAF Station Dartmouth through the Second World War.

Post-war, 1948, the Royal Canadian Navy took over the facility, naming it HMCS Shearwater, also known as Royal Canadian Naval Air Station Shearwater (RCNAS Shearwater).

The combined land and sea-based aerodromes were used to station carrier-based maritime patrol and fighter aircraft. Shearwater was also the home to early experiments with ship-borne helicopters—something which was copied by navies around the world. During the 1960s, the aerodrome at the former RCAF Station Debert was attached to HMCS Shearwater as a training location for carrier landings.”

Wikipedia article: “Royal Canadian Navy”:

Badge of the Royal Canadian Navy
( image)

Satellite photo of Canadian Forces Base Shearwater, 
Dartmouth, Canada ( ( photo)

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Google Website Searches:
Focus On UFO Incidents Involving
Wobbling/Fluttering UFOs

Website: UFO DNA (







UFO DNA UFO case report:
29 October 1957 22:30
Selma, Alabama, USA

USAF Captain incident.

Electromagnetic effect: car engine and radio. 30m diameter disc wobbles, slowly at first, then fast. 1500m altitude, pulses.

An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted.
One disc, about 40 feet across, was observed by six male military witnesses in a residential area for 20 minutes.”

Satellite photo of Selma, Alabama (
( photo)

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Google Searches:
Focus On the 2008 Bucks County,
Pennsylvania, UFO Flap

Pennsylvania as a whole experienced many UFO sightings in 2008. called it “The Pennsylvania UFO Wave of 2008”:

(Search term: 2008 Bucks County UFO Flap) (All)

(intitle:2008 Bucks County UFO) (All)

(intext:2008 Bucks County UFO) (All)

Wikipedia article: “Bucks County, Pennsylvania”:,_Pennsylvania

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Police Zones Map
( ( image)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

TV UFO Footage:
Possible UFO Footage Recorded by
Rede Bandeirantes During Live TV Transmission

Published on 19 December 2015

Source: Ovnis vs Ufos (YouTube channel)

Video text (translation by Google Translate):
“A Band report made today, where an unidentified flying object (UFO) emerges unexpectedly.

With 11 seconds in duration, you can see a white UFO, of indefinite size, that passes at high speed the instant the camera of the station shoots the sky of São Paulo.”

The footage was recorded on 19 December 2015, according to the source.

Rede Bandeirantes (or simply Band) is a São Paulo, Brazil, TV network.

( image)

Friday, 23 December 2016

UFO TV Interview:
Nick Pope

22 June 2007
(Sky News, London, UK)

Source: Titus Rivas (YouTube channel)

In this interview, Nick Pope says that UFO sightings have got to be of defence interest.

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Nick Pope, the former Head of the UK MoD’s UFO Office (Desk)
(1991-1994), UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
( image)

UFO TV Interview:

(Unknown date)
(CNN, Atlanta, Georgia)

Source: Simon H (YouTube channel)

Nick Pope is interviewed at the CNN studios in London, UK, after the release of one of the UK Ministry of Defence’s UFO batches.

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Nick Pope, the former Head of the UK MoD’s UFO Office (Desk)
(1991-1994), UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
( image)

UFO Lecture:
“Nick Pope - The Ministry of Defence
UFO Files & The Milton Torres Sighting”

Published on 7 April 2012
(Exopolitics Leeds (UK) 2009)

Source: Anthony Beckett (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“The Ministry of Defence is in the process of declassifying and releasing its entire archive of UFO files. The files go back decades and are packed with thousands of fascinating cases, including UFOs seen by police officers and pilots, and UFOs being tracked on radar. There are also files from the Defence Intelligence Staff, some of which contain documents that were classified Secret UK Eyes Only. Simultaneously, figures released by the MoD show that UFO sightings have rocketed to a 10-year high. Nick Pope presents details of the release process and will also discuss one of the most extraordinary cases from the MoD files, detailing how a pilot – Milton Torres – was ordered to shoot down a UFO.”

The Milton John Torres UFO encounter:
U.S. Air Force fighter pilot (then) Lieutenant Milton John Torres was ordered on a mission to intercept and shoot down a very large UFO over East Anglia, UK, on 20 May 1957. As he locked on his weapons, the UFO took off at an unbelievable speed and disappeared. Torres flew an F-86D Sabre jet fighter.

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Nick Pope, the former Head of the UK MoD’s UFO Office (Desk)
(1991-1994), UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher

Major Milton John Torres, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
( image)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

UFO Journal Article:

By Dr.Robert M. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Volume 35, No. 2, June 1990
(Flying Saucer Review, London, UK)


In 1964 Dr. Robert M. Jacobs was stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He was in charge of a special photographic unit (1369th Photographic Squadron) filming test flights of Atlas F and Minuteman nuclear missiles. While the U.S. Air Force film crew filmed (on 15 September 1964) an Atlas F missile in flight – a UFO suddenly flew towards the missile and shot it down, according to Dr. Jacobs.

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Lieutenant Robert M. Jacobs, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
( photo)

Aerial view of Space Launch Complex 6 (1985), 
Vandenberg Air Force Base, California 
( ( photo)

UFO News Article:
“W. Va. Stories Investigated -
Saucer Reports Valid, Experts Say”

24 September 1952
(The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania)

The Pittsburgh Press presents Ivan T. Sanderson’s investigative report on the 12 September 1952 Flatwoods, West Virginia, UFO case.

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Satellite photo of Flatwoods, West Virginia (
( photo)

Monday, 19 December 2016

Letters In Response To UFO Magazine Article:

28 April 1952
(Life, New York City, New York)


The letters are in response to the 7 April 1952 Life article ( called “HAVE WE VISITORS FROM SPACE?” 

The article is found on Page 80 (click on the “Front Cover” button to find the article).

Two quoted letters:
‘Have We Visitors from Space?’ (LIFE, April 7) is the most comprehensive reports I have read on the subject. I was very closely associated with Projects ‘Twinkle’ and ‘Grudge’ at Alamogordo, N. Mex. where I was chief of the technical photographic facility at Holloman Air Force Base. I have seen several of these objects myself, and they are everything you say they are as to shape, size and speed.

Daniel A. McGovern
Captain, USAF
Alexandria, Va.

I first learned about the green fireballs from Marine Corps night fighter pilots while I was an aviation intelligence officer in Korea.

Pilots often reported seeing strange bright green objects in the skies, unlike anything they had ever seen before, and moving too fast and regularly to be exlained or identified or analyzed by the pilots themselves or the intelligence officers.

Edward A. Kolar
Captain, USMCR
Tenafly, N.J.

Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:

Aerial view of Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico
( ( photo)

Saturday, 17 December 2016

UFO Journal Article:

December 1967
(Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Chicago, Illinois)

Source: Google Books

Quote from the article:
“Dr. (Carl) Sagan claims that the Central Intelligence Agency Robertson Panel, which met in 1953, concluded after a thorough study that UFOs, ‘all were probably natural phenomena wrongly interpreted.’ This claim simplifies the work of the panel to the point of distortion.”

The official name of the Robertson Panel was Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects.

The Bulletin article also mentions the 2 July 1952 Tremonton, Utah, UFO film (filmed by U.S. Navy Warrant Officer Delbert C. Newhouse).

The article is found on Page 40 (click on the “Front Cover” button to find the article).

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded by former Manhattan Project physicists in 1945.

Wikipedia article: “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”:

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Freeze-frame from the 2 July 1952 Tremonton, Utah, UFO film
( image)

UFO Magazine Article:

7 April 1952
(Life, New York City, New York)

Source: Google Books

The first part of the article reports on UFO facts/policy made known by the U.S. Air Force.

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( image)

UFO Magazine Article:
“A Well-witnessed ‘Invasion’–by Something”

1 April 1966
(Life, New York City, New York)

Source: Google Books

The sub-headline reads, “From Australia to Michigan, a flurry of eerie UFO sightings.”

Much of the article deals with the UFO sighting (in Dexter, Michigan on 20 March 1966) made by Frank Mannor and his family.

The article is found on Page 24 (click on the “Front Cover” button to find the article).

Frank Mannor
( photo)

Satellite photo of Dexter, Michigan (
( photo)