Friday, 13 November 2015

UFO News Article:
“Unidentified Objects Seen In X-15 Films”

11 May 1962
(Calgary Herald, Canada)


The whole article:
“SEATTLE (AP) — The second instance of observation of
unidentified objects at high altitude was reported Thursday by
X-15 pilot Joe Walker.

Walker told a scientific conference that films taken during his recent flight to a record height of 246,700 feet showed the presence of five or six objects of undetermined size at some distance from the plane.

The film was taken by a camera mounted on the X-15’s fuselage.

The mysterious objects, apparently disk-shaped, showed up on the film as the X-15 arced over the top of its flight and headed back toward earth.

‘I don’t feel like speculating about the nature of these objects,’ Walker said. ‘All I know is what appeared on the film in later study. I saw nothing myself during the flight of this nature.’

Walker mentioned the objects only briefly in a panel discussion at the second annual conference on the peaceful uses of space.”

Wikipedia article: “North American X-15”:

X-15 just after release
( photo)