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Focus On UFO Incidents Involving Children

Website: UFO DNA (

UFO DNA UFO case report:
13 July 1969 23:00
Van Horne, Iowa, USA 
(the UFO incident occurred on 13 July, 
not on 12 July, according to

13 Jul 1969 - 
Van Horne, Iowa, USA

Two teenage girls see a dull gray-black metallic colored inverted bowl-shaped object with a circular reddish-orange band of light about two-thirds of the way down it. The next morning a 40-foot diameter burned circle is found in the field.

At 11:00 p.m. a dark gray, metallic inverted bowl-shaped disc flew over a farm in Van Horne, Iowa during a rainstorm, spinning counter-clockwise. It had a reddish-orange band two-thirds of the way from its bottom to the top, and made a noise like a jet. The witnesses were three teenage girls. A 40-foot circle of wilted soybean plants was found, but the plants were not bent over or crushed.

One orange-red star was observed by three witnesses one of them independent for two minutes.

(J. Allen) Hynek reported:

Two teenaged girls stated that they were exceedingly frightened late one evening when, looking out from their farmhouse bedroom window, they espied the ‘traditional’ lighted craft gliding away from the farmhouse, accompanied by a jetlike sound. The father of one of the girls, a farmer, had just that day examined his soybean field in preparation for cultivation and had found it in good order.

Shortly after the UFO sighting there was a light rain, and early the next morning the farmer went out to check whether the rain had been severe enough to interfere with his planned cultivation. To his surprise he found a 40-foot devastated circle in midfield where none had been less than a half day before. He had no explanation for it. He had learned of the girls' experience but had promptly discounted it until he saw his soybean field. The place where the girls had seen their object was not inconsistent with the position of the destroyed ring of plants.

I visited the farm several weeks after the event and saw the circular patch for myself. The leaves of each plant were hanging wilted from the stalks as though they had been subjected to intense heat, but the stalks themselves were not broken or bent, and there were no marks of any land in the soil. Everything appeared as though the heat or destroying agent was applied directly from above and at close range but without direct contact.

The object that may have been associated with the circle was reported by the girls to have been observed at close range from their window, then to have turned to the northwest (it came from the south; the girls were looking out a north window, and the field was to the south of the house about a mile away) and disappeared, leaving only an orange glow in the sky. According to their report, it was spinning counterclockwise and had the shape of a shallow inverted bowl with a curved bottom.

It appeared to be a dull gray-black metallic color with a circular reddish-orange band of light about two-thirds of the way from the bottom to the top. It was the illumination from the orange light that disclosed the shape of the object. No protrusions were visible, and there were no individual lights — only the band of orange light. In size it was described as three or four times the diameter of the moon, and one of the girls thought it appeared as large as an automobile would have at the estimated distance.

Because of local publicity the farmer refused to let the girls be interviewed by me but was himself fully accommodating in showing me the circle and answering questions. He wished no further publicity, made no attempt to capitalize on the event, and left me with the feeling that if the whole thing had in some way been a hoax, it would be difficult to discover any possible reason for his choosing to destroy a portion of his field (and by what means?) in the absence of any desire for publicity or monetary gain.

It has often been reported but seldom carefully documented that immediately after a close UFO encounter the top branches of adjacent trees have been found broken and the leaves wilted.”

Wikipedia article: “Van Horne, Iowa”:,_Iowa

Van Horne, Iowa, is part of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Statistical Area, according to the Wikipedia article.

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The 13 July 1969 Van Horne, Iowa, UFO landing imprint 
(CE2 case – soybean crop)
( photo)

Satellite photo of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (
( photo)

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

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Focus On UFO Incidents Involving UFOs
Touching/Almost Touching Houses/Buildings

Website: UFO DNA (

(Search term: “Touching Side of House”)

(“Banged Into Garage”)

(Land Roof)

(Lands Roof)

(Landed Roof)

(Landing Roof)

(Land Rooftop)

(Landed Rooftop)

(Land On Building)
(Landed On Building)

(Landing On Building)

(Almost Touching House)

(Almost Touching Roofs)

UFO DNA UFO case report:
20 February 1969 
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dog barking. UFO touching side of house, flattened on top and oval below.

An object was observed. Animal reactions to the object were reported. One multi-colored disc was observed by two male witnesses on a farm for over two minutes (Lima).”

Satellite photo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil (
( photo)

Sunday, 27 November 2016

UFO News Article:
“UFO Scares Hub Girl, 11, ‘Rocked Bed’ ”

25 April 1966
(Boston Herald, Massachusetts)


The whole article:
“An 11-year-old Dorchester girl was terrified by a UFO early Sunday morning (24 April 1966) which she said banged against the house and rocked her bed. Judy Kalnicki of 1284 Dorchester ave., an honor student in the sixth grade at the Mather School, woke up screaming for her mother, Mrs. Jean Kalnicki, who has six other children. Then the youngster sat down and sketched the ‘flying oval.’

The mysterious flying object was spotted twice by the Kalnicki family, and two blackouts of electric power occurred almost simultaneously in the Dorchester area. Police also received calls that UFO’s were spotted off Boston’s Logan Airport, over South Boston and near Waltham’s Waverly sq.

Shortly after 4 a.m. Judy was awakened and saw ‘this thing’ outside her third-floor bedroom window.

‘It was so close I could almost touch it,’ Judy said. ‘It banged against the house as we watched it. I was sitting on my bed, and it rocked the bed back and forth. Then the lights in the house went out.

Judy said the ‘thing’ was oval in shape and ‘about the size of my brother’s car, a 1955 Lincoln.’

‘It had a bubble on top that seemed to be round, with red lights around the edge,’ Judy explained. ‘It seemed to be made partly of silvery gray metal with no doors.

‘I always used to say that there was no such thing as a flying saucer. I thought those people who said they saw them were making it up. Now that I saw one myself I never want to see one again.’

Mrs. Kalnicki said she had spotted the UFO shortly before midnight when it floated across Dorchester ave. and hovered outside her apartment windows.

The mother said it had sort of a transparent bubble top that was illuminated with a yellow light and circular red blinking lights.”

Wikipedia article: “Dorchester, Boston”:,_Boston

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Satellite photo of Boston, Massachusetts (
( photo)

Friday, 25 November 2016

UFO Article (Blog):
“Levelland, Texas - November 1957 -
audio recordings transcribed”

By Keith Basterfield, 23 November 2016
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Quote from the article:

Late on the evening of 2 November, 1957 and the early hours of the morning of 3 November, 1957 (local time), a number of individuals reported a series of incidents involving an unusual object, near the location of Levelland, Texas in the United States of America. There is much material available on the net, but I have been looking for primary material relating to the event, i.e. audio recordings of those directly involved; or written statements from those directly involved. This was to give me a better understanding of the core information, without the distortion of being written up in summary form by third parties.

Interestingly, I located no audio recordings of interviews with the actual witnesses. You might consider this normal for that era, i.e. rural Texas in 1957. However, I did locate two audio recordings made in 1957 with one of the central figures, Sheriff Weir Clem; plus, a transcript of a third interview with Sheriff Clem.  These are the closest one can get to the witnesses’ testimony, at least in audio format. I will present these three in transcript form. After which, I will present written material gathered from direct interviews between witnesses and the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book.”

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“Map of sighting locations by unknown author” 
(text by Keith Basterfield) ( image)

Satellite photo of Levelland, Texas (
( photo)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

UFO TV News Report:
TV Report On Costa Rica UFO Photo

(Unknown date)
(Repretel Canal 6, San José, Costa Rica)

Source: Omega Ovnis Ufos (YouTube channel)

Roy Castillo photographed the unknown object along Costa Rica’s Route 27 on 5 November 2011.

( image)

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

UFO TV News Report:
TV Report On UFO Sighting Reports
Distributed by the Italian Air Force

1 March 2014
(TG5, Canale 5, Milan, Italy)

Source: CISU Viterbo (YouTube channel)

Text by CISU Viterbo (translated by Google Translate):
“TG5 service of 01.03.2014 on UFO reports in Italy distributed by the General Security Department of the Air Force.”

The TV report contains several UFO videos.

Coat of Arms of the Italian Air Force
( image)

Sunday, 20 November 2016

UFO TV News Report:
TV Report On the Italian Air Force’s
UFO Investigations

(Unknown date)
(Studio Aperto, Italia 1, Milan, Italy)


Text by (translated by Google Translate):
“In Italy it is the Air Force (that has the responsibility) to verify the reports of citizens who say they have seen a UFO.”

Coat of Arms of the Italian Air Force
( image)

Italian Government UFO Video Interview:
“UFO, i dossier italiani”
(“UFO, the Italian dossiers”)

Published: 13 March 2014
(DIFESA ONLINE (YouTube channel), Italian Ministry of Defence, Rome, Italy)

Video text (translated by Google Translate):
“The journalist Vincenzo Sinapi has just published along with colleague Lao Petrilli a book that collects and reports many of the hundreds of reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) that the (Italian) Air Force has cataloged and archived in paper files then ‘declassified’ or not as secret or confidential.”

Vincenzo Sinapi, Italian Journalist and UFO Author
( image)

Italian Government UFO Book Review Article:
(“UFO – The Italian Dossiers”)

By Pier Vittorio Romano, 28 March 2014
(Italian Air Force, Rome, Italy)

The whole translated article (by Google Translate):
“Of this universe we are not alone. This is the fact that emerges from the archive consultation ‘declassified’ the Air Force, the Armed Forces that is responsible for collecting all reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), better known as UFOs – Unidentified Flying Object or Unknown Flying Object. The journalists Lao Petrilli and Vincenzo Sinapi had access to this archive, allowing them to reveal, with this book as ‘the Italian UFO dossiers,’ a phenomenon for many still unknown which places the public on the existence of a dilemma of other forms of intelligent life in the Universe. They have been seven sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects registered on Italian skies, in 2013, Air Force: 56 reports from each region and of all kinds over the past four years, with a boom in 2010 (22) and progressive decline in 2011 (17) and 2012 (10). In the Air Force's secret archives end up the most qualified sightings, usually those from witnesses who have complained to the police and filled out a very detailed form. This is forwarded to the Air Force, through its various departments – from the weather service to the operational commands – start technical investigation. If the mysterious object is not a weather balloon, a track plane by radar or at least a well-known phenomenon, then for all practical purposes it is classified as UFO, Unidentified Flying Object. A UFO, in fact. Which is not to say, of course, that the aliens are among us, but it just means that it was not possible to identify a natural or technical justification of that fact. Lao Petrilli, a journalist, working for RDS, for the Press and the Australian broadcaster SBS. Author Sinapi, of ‘Nasiriyah, the real story.’ He won the City of Salerno Journalism Award and the Antonio Russo Prize for Reportage. Vincenzo Sinapi, journalist, managing editor added the ANSA news. Since 1998 began to take an interest of the Armed Forces also ‘embedded’ alongside the Italian military in the main theaters of operations ‘outside the box.’ ”

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Italian Government UFO Reporting Form:

(Italian Air Force, Rome, Italy)

Quote from the UFO reporting form (translated by Google Translate):
INSTRUCTIONS: The following form should be used for reporting the sighting of a UFO. It It must be filled in and that the witness remember with certainty, completed in the part on generality and delivered to a Police station, which will forward (the form to) the Military Air Staff, General Security Department. It will be accompanied by the original or a copy of any material (to) aid the understanding of the observed phenomena such as movies, photos, etc.”

Coat of Arms of the Italian Air Force
( image)

Italian Government UFO Article:
“Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati”
(“Unidentified Flying Objects”)

(Italian Air Force, Rome, Italy)

The whole translated article (by Google Translate):
“Following the wave of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) of 1978, the then Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti appointed the Air Force as Body Institutional deputed to collect, verify and monitor the related reports UFOs.

Currently this activity is performed by: General Security Department of the Air Staff. Anyone wishing to report an event correlated to a UFO can do so using the present forms. After having completed, it will deliver it to the nearest police station.

This action allows the Air Force to launch a technical investigation to identify the existence of a correlation with human events and / or natural phenomena that, if necessary, also involves other competent bodies in the national territory.

This activity aims to ensure the safety of the flight and national. After completing the investigation, the episodes are published under Sightings of this page and, if it was not possible to identify a technical justification or natural, is ranked the episode as sightings of Unidentified Flying Object. As for the events prior to 2001 it is in progress, through the General Security Department, a reordering of the data to a forthcoming publication.”

Coat of Arms of the Italian Air Force
( image)

Friday, 18 November 2016

U.S. Government UFO Document:
DATE OF INFO: 5 Nov 50/
LOCATION: Oak Ridge, Tenn”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source:, Lindon, Utah

Quote from the document (Page 2):
“1. SYNOPSIS: On 5 November 1950 at 1155 hours Mr. (blacked out text), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, sighted an unidentified flying object over the northwest corner of Oak Ridge area.


a. The object was light gray in color with a core that was a much darker gray. The object appeared to be transluscent. The mass of the object was constant and had sharply outlined edges and the core also had definitive lines. Speed clould not be estimated but was described as ‘rapid and darting.’ The object maneuvered within an area of a circle as illustrated on the inclosure. (blacked out text) further described the core as assuming the shape of the whole object, that is, when the object elongated the core would be elongate also. No sound could be heard nor could the means of propulsion be determined. Definite suggestion of form. Movements rapid, darting in all directions within small area.

b. Time Sighted – For five (5) to ten (10) minutes on 5 November 1950 at 1155 hours.”

The case is listed as “UNIDENTIFIED.”

Drawing of the UFO incident:

( image)

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)

UFO Report:
“The Nuclear Connection Project presents
The Oak Ridge Sightings including
all the Tennessee Blue Book Unknowns”


Quote from the UFO report (the introduction):
Updated: September 22, 2005:
The evidence for a UFO/Nuclear Connection grows stronger by the day. Official FBI, CIA, Army and Air Force documents establish, beyond a doubt, that UFOs have been seen and reported where uranium was mined and plutonium was manufactured (the Congo, New Mexico, the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Hanford Plant at Washington, the Savannah River facility at South Carolina). Official reports are on file of UFOs seen where bomb development took place (Los Alamos, Sandia Base) and where nuclear weapons were stored (New Mexico: Los Alamos,Manzano Mountain near Kirtland, NM, and Texas: Killeen Base ant Camp Hood).

This is the third part of that story, the Oak Ridge and Tennesse Sightings, which we produced to include all the known cases and provided links to the full report directories and official supporting documents. The matrix for this chronology is based on a paper NCP-14: Saucers Over Oak Ridge by one of our NCP staff members, Bruce Maccabee. Where enough information is not available to produce a case directory, the supporting documents are provided as temporary directories.

I wish to thank Dan Wilson, one of our staff researchers, for his fine research into the Blue Book Archives for the supporting documents in most of these cases. And to Brad Sparks for his re-evaluation of the Project Blue Book Unknowns which doubled the  number of cases that were unexplained, many of which occurred in New Mexico and other high-security areas such as Oak Ridge (TN) and Killeen Base (TX) and were used as a checklist. Jan Aldrich provided documentation on some cases; Richard Hall provided the chronologies and basic case lists (UFOE, UFOE II); and Jean  Waskiewicz and I created a set of useable databases within the NICAP Global Sighting Information Database) for the total caseload.

Francis Ridge
Coordinator, Nuclear Connection Project

“Y-12” Area at Oak Ridge, Tennessee
( photo)

Google Website Searches:
Focus On Oak Ridge, Tennessee, UFO Incidents

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (nuclear science research, development and production centre), has experienced many UFO incidents through the years.

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (

(Search term: Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Government)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Military)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Intelligence)

(Oak Ridge/C.I.A.)

(Oak Ridge/F.B.I.)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Army)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Air Force)

(Oak Ridge/Project Blue Book)

(Oak Ridge/Radar)

(Oak Ridge)

Wikipedia article: “Oak Ridge National Laboratory”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:

The town of Oak Ridge was established by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Clinton Engineer Works in 1942 on isolated farm land as part of the Manhattan Project.[11] During the war, advanced research for the government was managed at the site by the University of Chicago. In 1943, construction of the ‘Clinton Laboratories’ was completed, later renamed to ‘Oak Ridge National Laboratory.’ The site was chosen for the X-10 Graphite Reactor, used to show that plutonium can be extracted from enriched uranium. Enrico Fermi and his colleagues developed the world’s second self-sustaining nuclear reactor after Fermi’s previous experiment Chicago Pile-1, the X-10 was the first designed for continuous operation.[12] After the end of World War II the demand for weapons-grade plutonium fell and the reactor and the laboratory’s 1000 employees were no longer involved in nuclear weapons,[11][13] instead it was used for scientific research.[12] In 1946 the first medical isotopes were produced in the X-10 reactor, by 1950 almost 20,000 samples had been shipped to various hospitals.”

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee, campus
( ( photo)

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)