Monday, 29 December 2008

6 Fast-flying UFOs Caught in the Movie, ”Overboard” (1987), Daytime

UFO Casebook reported about this UFO case on 28 December 2008:

I decided to try to find the movie footage of these UFOs. And, I found the movie on YouTube.

After freeze-framing the footage for a while, I found the 6 UFOs. The UFOs can be found 1:02 (1 UFO on the top of the screen and 1 near the water), 1:03 (2 UFOs on the top of the screen) and 1:04 (2 UFOs on the top of the screen) minutes into the video.

NOTE: It’s likely that you’ll have to try several times before you manage to get the UFOs into the freeze-frame.

“Overboard” was filmed in Fort Bragg, California in 1987:

(UFO freeze-frames)