Tuesday, 7 July 2009

NASA Video Report by Jeff Challender:
‘What Are ‘They’ Hiding?’

The late Jeff Challender was a U.S. UFO researcher who concentrated all his efforts on examining NASA TV Space Shuttle mission footage and footage from the Russian and Chinese Space missions. He spent thousands of hours examining and videotaping every second of every NASA TV Space Shuttle mission broadcast. On top of that he had a unique knowledge of the NASA agency.

His research unearthed many bona fide UFO footage, which to this day haven’t been successfully debunked.

In my opinion, Jeff Challender ranks among the world's best UFO researchers ever.

In this well-produced NASA video report, Challender presents remarkable UFO footage, an in-depth overview of NASA’s Space Shuttle missions and the inner machinations of NASA:

(UFOs & NASA 1)

(UFOs & NASA 2)

(UFOs & NASA 3)

Furthermore, in the above video report Challender also proves that the NASA TV broadcast signal has a 20 second delay in the 'live' video downlink from the Space Shuttle. He found the evidence in a Russian Mission Control Centre broadcast (78 seconds into video No. 2). A Russian ground controller comments that the ‘live’ video feed, which they are getting from NASA, includes this 20 second delay! And according to Challender – NASA TV also adds 'noice' or 'snow' to live downlinks!!

At 4:55 minutes into video No. 1 Challender presents the evidence for this practice.

Jeff Challender TV news report by CBS 13 News, 5 January 2007:
“Outta This World”: