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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“SUBJECT: Unidentified Flying Objects”

2 December 1952
(Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.)

Source: NICAP.org

NICAP.org’s introduction to the document:
“December 2, 1952; CIA Memo
An EOTS [Estimate of the Situation] Moment for the CIA.
[H. Marshall] Chadwell told Brad Sparks they concluded that
UFO’s were extraterrestrialthat was what he was telling the
CIA Director in this Dec. 2, 1952, memo.”

My comment:
H. Marshall Chadwell was Assistant Director of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) in 1952.

The meaning of the acronyms are as follows, according to CUFON.org (http://www.cufon.org/cufon/cia-52-1.htm):

* DCI – Director of Central Intelligence – CIA
* OSI or O/SI – Office of Scientific Intelligence – CIA
* NSCID – National Security Council Intelligence Directive
* DD/I, DDI – Deputy Director for Intelligence – CIA
* AD/SI – Assistant Director/Scientific Intelligence – CIA
* AD/IC – Assistant Director/Intelligence Coordination – CIA
* R&DB (or RDB) – Research and Development Board
* DI/USAF – Directorate (or Director) of Intelligence
   U.S. Air Force
* A-2 – Air Force (air) Intelligence – U.S. Air Force
* ATIC – Air Technical Intelligence Center (Wright-Patterson
   Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio) – U.S. Air Force
* DDCI – Deputy Director of Central Intelligence – CIA
* CENIS – MIT Center for International Studies
   (CIA contract agency)

The whole document (not written in Central Intelligence Agency document format):
“MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence

THRU: Deputy Director for Intelligence

1. On 20 August, the DCI, after a briefing by OSI on the above subject, directed the preparation of an NSCID for submission to the Council stating the need for investigation and directing agencies concerned to cooperate on such investigations.

2. In attempting to draft such a directive and the supporting staff studies, it became apparent to DD/I, Acting AD/SI and AD/IC that the problem was largely a research and development problem, and it was decided by DD/I to attempt to initiate action through R&DB. A conference was held between DI/USAF, Chairman of R&DB, DD/I, Acting AD/SI and AD/IC at which time it was decided that Dr. Whitman, Chairman of R&DB, would investigate the possibility of undertaking research and development studies through Air Force agencies.

3. On approximately 6 November, we were advised by Chairman, R&DB, that inquiries in the Air Staff did not disclose ‘undue concern’ over this matter, but that it had been referred to the Air Defense Command for consideration. No further word has been received from R&DB.

4. Recent reports reaching CIA indicated that further action was desirable and another briefing by the cognizant A-2 and ATIC personnel was held on 25 November. At this time, the reports of incidents convince us that there is something going on that must have immediate attention. The details of some of these incidents have been discussed by AD/SI with DDCI. Sighting of unexplained objects at great altitudes and travelling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles.

5. OSI is proceeding to the establishment of a consulting group of sufficient competence and stature to review this matter and convince the responsible authorities in the community that immediate research and development on this subject must be undertaken. This can be done expeditiously under the aegis of CENIS.”


Wikipedia article: “MIT Center for International Studies”:

(wikimedia.org image)

H. Marshall Chadwell, Assistant Director of 
the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI)
(project1947.com photo)

UFO Case Directory
“F-94 Crew & Ground Observers
Watch Maneuvering Object
Dec. 8, 1952
Ladd AFB, Alaska”


The whole UFO case report:
“8:16 p.m. local
Duration 10 mins
aircraft F-94
4 observers (2 air/2 gnd)
No radar contact

Brad Sparks:
Dec. 8, 1952; Ladd AFB, Alaska (BBU 2266)
8:16 p.m. Pilot 1st Lt. D. Dickman and radar operator 1st Lt. T. Davies in USAF F-94 jet interceptor (s/n 49-2522) saw a white, oval light which changed to red at higher altitude, fly straight and level for 2 mins on 240° course, then climb at phenomenal speed on an erratic flight path. After landing, object could still be seen moving erratically, no noise, for 3 mines then took up 160° heading gaining speed while descending, becoming brighter red. 10 mins. (Berliner; cf. Hynek-CUFOS re-eval; Jan Aldrich)”

NICAP.org presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Wikipedia article: “Ladd Army Airfield”:

Quote from the above Wikipedia article:
Ladd Army Airfield (IATA: FBK, ICAO: PAFB, FAA LID: FBK) is the military airfield located at Fort Jonathan Wainwright, located in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was originally called Fairbanks Air Base, but was renamed Ladd Field on 1 December 1939,[4] in honor of Major Arthur K. Ladd, a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps who died in a plane crash near Dale, South Carolina on 13 December 1935.[5][6]

The major use of Ladd Field was primarily cold-weather testing of aircraft and equipment. Only Interior Alaska offered the consistently cold temperatures needed. However, the Attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 forced the temporary halt on testing at Ladd since the military needed all aircraft for the defense of Alaska.”

Wikipedia article: “Lockheed F-94 Starfire”:

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Lockheed F-94B-1-LO Starfigher 50-0930 (text by Wikipedia)
(wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org photo)

Ladd Army Airfield, about 1943 (text by Wikipedia)
(wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org photo)

Satellite photo of Fairbanks, Alaska (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

UFO Case Directory
“T-33 Crew Chase Four Lights
December 9, 1952
Madison, Wisconsin”


The whole UFO case report:
“5:45 p.m. local
Duration 10 mins
aircraft T-33
United States
2 observers
No radar contact

Brad Sparks:
Dec. 9, 1952; About 10 miles S of Madison, Wisc. (BBU 2267)
5:45 p.m. Capt. Bridges and 1st Lt. Johnson in a USAF T-33 jet trainer saw 4 bright lights, in diamond formation, fly at 400 mph heading 130° or about SE at about 8,000 ft. They followed the objects at 450 mph until passing (overtaking) them near 10 miles NE of Janesville, Wisc. (at 42°47' N, 88° 55' W) at 5:50 p.m., at which time they radioed the ADC 755th AC&W radar site ‘Soapberry,’ which could not detect objects, only the T-33. Objects continued on 90° E heading and T-33 followed until breaking off due to low fuel at 5:55 about 10 miles W of Racine, Wisc. (at 42°45' N, 88° 0' W). No silhouette visible even when objects seen against Milwaukee city lights. 10 mins. (Berliner; cf. Hynek-CUFOS re-eval; Jan Aldrich)”

NICAP.org presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Wikipedia article: “Lockheed T-33”:

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Lockheed T-33 (2016) (wikimedia.org)
(wikimedia.org photo)

Satellite photo of Madison, Wisconsin (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)