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UFO Audio Interview:
“Westall teacher discussing the UFO encounter - Andrew Greenwood testimony 1966 [QUFOSR]”

Source: QUFOSR (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“This video contains audio of James E McDonald interviewing Westall high school teacher Andrew Greenwood who witnessed the UFO on April 6 1966. The interview occured on June 28 1967. This is the only known sighting report by an adult regarding the infamous Westall UFO incident. I don’t think this has ever been posted online before and it is a huge piece of evidence for the case.”

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(QUFOSR/ image)

UFO News Article & Audio Interview:
“Teacher reveals creepy details of
Aussie UFO sighting in rare audio”

2 December 2018
(, Surry Hills, Australia)

The article reports on Westall High School teacher Andrew Greenwood’s 6 April 1966 UFO sighting.

Greenwood was interviewed by U.S. physicist and UFO researcher Dr. James E. McDonald on 28 June 1967. McDonald visited Australia in 1967.

Over 300 students and some staff witnessed the UFO incident, according to the article.

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Shaun Matthews, one of the Westall UFO witnesses,
photographed at Grange Reserve, where he sighted the UFO
(The photo)

UFO Article (Blog):
“UAP dives at car - the 27 July 1965 Carnarvon,
Western Australia – incident”

By Keith Basterfield, 17 February 2015
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Quote from the article:
NICAP version of the Carnarvon incident:

‘Australian encounter.

During the first week of August, two residents of Nedlands, West Australia jumped from their car, fearing a UFO was about to hit it. It was close to 8pm, and Dr Antonin Kulka, formerly a physician in Europe, and Mrs Audrey Lawrence were driving near Carnarvon when a flying object dived towards their headlights. Dr Kulka hurriedly stopped and switched off the lights. As he and Mrs Lawrence ran to the side of the road, the UFO stopped and hovered over the highway.

‘It was rocking gently’ Dr Kulka said later. ‘And its orange color as it dived had changed to a fluorescent green, glow.’

The doctor's bull terrier, usually first out of the car when it stopped, was crouched in the back seat, hackles up. It refused to budge.

Dr Kulka said the object was shaped like a ‘squashed football.’ ‘I had the fear that whatever it was, it was not man-made’ he reported after the UFO had left the scene.

The sighting appeared partly confirmed by resident Ron Butler owner of nearby Mooka station. Butler said that his entire camp had been lit up by a greenish glow when ‘something’ passed over it, though he could not be sure of the time.’

(The source of the NICAP article, which appeared on page 4 of the Aug-Sep 1965 issue of the NICAP ‘The UFO Investigator’ newsletter, was not given.)

Details from McDonald’s interview:

James E McDonald’s hand written notes (courtesy of Dr Michael Swords’ file collection) showed that McDonald interviewed both witnesses by telephone on 4 July 1967. His notes included the following information, which greatly expands on the NICAP material.”

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Satellite photo of Carnarvon, Australia (
( photo)