Thursday, 5 April 2012

UFO Mailing List Post:
“Official Uruguayan & Chilean Co-Operation Agreement”
by A. J. Gevaerd, 4 April 2012
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

A. J. Gevaerd reports on the new research agreement between
the two government UFO research organisations, CRIDOVNI (organisation within the Uruguayan Air Force) and CEFAA (organisation within the Chilean Civil Aviation Department):

( image)

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UFO News Article:
“It's out there: France makes UFO files public”,
22 March 2007 (CBC News, Toronto, Canada)

CBC News informs about the GEIPAN UFO files that were released on 22 March 2007:

GEIPAN (Groupe d’Etudes et d’Informations sur les Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non identifies) is the UAP (UFO) research and information group within the French National Centre for Spatial Studies (CNES).

UFO TV Report:
“Objets Volants Non Identifié”
(“Unidentified Flying Objects”),
2 December 1973 (INF2 Dimanche, France)

The TV report (presented by focuses mostly on UFO sightings made in France:

English translation:

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UFO TV News Report:
“Revelan conversación radial
de piloto que avista ovni en pleno vuelo”
(“Reveals radio conversation between

Air Traffic Control and pilot during UFO sighting”),
7 April 2010 (Terra TV, Chile)

This is a TV report on the UFO research work of CEFAA:

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UFO News Article:
“Director del Cefaa y avistamientos de Ovnis:

‘Hay mucha ignorancia en esto’ ”
(“Director of CEFAA and UFO sightings:

‘There is much ignorance on this’ ”),
29 March 2012 (La Tercera, Santiago, Chile)

La Tercera presents an interview with General Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of CEFAA, regarding the new research agreement between CEFAA and CRIDOVNI:

English translation:

General Ricardo Bermúdez, Chilean Air Force (Ret.) &
Director of CEFAA ( ( photo)