Monday, 18 February 2013

UFO News Article/TV News Report:
“Possible UFO Sighting In Southern Oregon”,
17 February 2013 (KOBI NBC 5 News, Medford, Oregon)

Gregory Soldner and Heather Scherffius sighted (and filmed) 
an unknown object over Grants Pass, Oregon on the night of 
15 February 2013, NBC 5 News reports:

The object moved in an up and down motion before zigzagging across the sky, according to Soldner.

Grants Pass, Oregon” (

Satellite photo of Grants Pass, Oregon (
( image)
UFO Web TV Interview (Newspaper):
Gary Heseltine: UFOs and the Police,
4 November 2011 (Ekstra Bladet, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Gary Heseltine runs the PRUFOS Police Database:

Gary Heseltine,
UK Detective Constable &
UFO Researcher
( image)