Friday, 7 July 2017

UFO News Article:
“Seis Óvnis aparecem na Baixada Fluminense”
(“Six UFOs appear in the Baixada Fluminense”)

19 July 2014
(Grupo Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brazil)

The UFOs were photographed (at the end of June 2014) by a station (using a high-sensitivity camera) that specialises in meteor monitoring, according to the article.

The station’s research programme employees can not determine what the six objects (or lights) are, according to UFO researcher and amateur astronomer Wagner Vital de Lima, member of the Ufology Group of Baixada Fluminense (Gubf).

The article contains the UFO photo.

English translation:

Wikipedia article: “Baixada Fluminense”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Baixada Fluminense (standard Brazilian Portuguese: [ˌbajˈʃadɐ flumiˈnjsi]; local pronounce: [ˌbɐ(j)ˈʃadɐ flumɪˈn(j)si] (literally ‘Fluminense Lowland’) is a region in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in southeastern Brazil. It is located on Guanabara Bay, between Rio de Janeiro to the south, and the Serra dos Órgãos range of hills to the north.”

Map of the municipalities in Baixada Fluminense (Brazil
(text by Wikipedia) ( image)