Thursday, 12 March 2009

U.S. Air Force Captain Robert L. Salas (Ret.) Testimony Regarding the Shutdown of ICBMs by a UFO
at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls, Montana,
March 1967, Early Morning

The Disclosure Project statement by Robert L. Salas, 2001:

Robert L. Salas lecture at MUFON Los Angeles, 2005:

5th Irish International UFO Conference 2008: Robert L. Salas interview:

"Minuteman Missiles Shutdown" by Robert L. Salas ( (Article)

"The Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO/Missile Incident"
(with statement by Robert L. Salas) ( (Article)

Captain Robert L. Salas,
U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

"Faded Giant: The 1967 Missile/UFO Incidents"
by Robert L Salas and James Klotz

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