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UFO News Article:

23 June 2002
(El Liberal, Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

Source: Visión OVNI, Victoria, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Argentina experienced an animal mutilation wave during the summer of 2002.

Many of the mutilations occurred in Ojo de Agua Department. Cattle, sheep and horses were found mutilated. No blood was found near the carcasses. Dogs refused to approach the mutilated animals – and no vehicle traces or footprints were found near the animals.

Two cattle were found mutilated in La Laguna. Some days later a sheep and a horse were found in El Cardonal, near La Laguna.

There also was a UFO connection to the animal mutilations. Local people had sighted luminous objects in the sky during the timeframe of the mutilations. Villagers in El Cardonal claimed to have seen UFOs between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on two different nights. Personnel of the El Cardonal FM radio station sighted a UFO which ascended, descended and performed very slight lateral movements. The UFO emitted beams of light blue, red, orange, yellow and white, according to the article.

Ojo de Agua Department is located in Santiago del Estero Province.

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