Monday, 8 November 2010

Sightings (TV Series):
“International UFO Hot Spots” (Sci Fi Channel)

Sightings reports on UFO hotspots in Europe, South America and the U.S.:

The Pine Bush, New York, area has experienced many UFO incidents, according to the TV report. These UFO incidents occurred during the 1980s and early 1990s, and they are part of the Hudson Valley UFO wave. UFO witness Butch Hunt says 60% of the residents have sighted UFOs.

This Sightings episode was broadcasted in the U.S. on 21 May 1993.

Pine Bush, New York ( photo)
UFO News Articles (Excerpts):
Miscellaneous Newspaper-Reported

UFO Sightings in 1947-1950

This UFO article list is an excerpt from Frank Scully’s UFO
book, “Behind the Flying Saucers” (1950) (Henry Holt & Co.,
New York, N.Y.):

( image)
UFO News Articles:
“Unofficially There Are Flying Saucers”,
6 April 1950 (Toledo Blade, Ohio)

U.S. aeronautical engineers and Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, U.S. Navy are of the opinion that UFOs are real,
the Toledo Blade reports:,2448956

This UFO news article is presented by
“White Sands UFO tracked by theodolite”, 7 April 1952
(Life Magazine, New York City)

Life Magazine presents a statement by Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, U.S. Navy.

Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, U.S. Navy
( photo)

Map of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico 
( image)