Friday, 13 November 2009

The Milton Torres UFO Encounter, 
Published: 5 November 2009 
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The Milton John Torres UFO encounter:
U.S. Air Force fighter pilot (then) Lieutenant Milton John Torres was ordered on a mission to intercept and shoot down a very large UFO over East Anglia, UK, on 20 May 1957. As he locked on his weapons, the UFO took off at an unbelievable speed and disappeared. Torres flew an F-86D Sabre jet fighter.

This is a Ron Laytner Edit International video report: (Trailer) (1) (2)

Wikipedia article: “Milton Torres 1957 UFO Encounter”:

Major Milton John Torres, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
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UFO TV News Report: 
“What Is It?” (KLTV 7 News)

I posted a report on the alleged Michelle Hampton UFO video on 8 November 2009.

KLTV 7 News broadcast this follow-up report regarding the case:

It’s likely that the filmed unknown object is Venus, according to astronomer Tom Hooten.