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UFO Lecture/Paper:
“Traces of Unidentified Flying Objects on
Military Radar Devices over Central Europe”

By Illobrand von Ludwiger, Astrophysicist, Germany

Source: The UFO History Group

Quote from the paper:
The speaker is an astrophysicist. He is not a radar specialist or an image analyst. Since the responsible Swiss military employee did not wish to talk about the radar data himself, the speaker will present some of the results of radar records without knowing too much about the confidential military computer-analysis programs and the special equipment used.


In Belgium and Switzerland, members of the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Anomalous Atmospheric and Radar Phenomena –  MUFON Central European Society, Inc. (MUFON-CES for short), – with tacit permission from their superiors – were able to obtain radar records from radar surveillance systems in some cases to investigate unidentified traces registered by these systems. Unidentified radar traces were observed over Central Europe nearly every fourth day or night. About 200 radar plots from 130 days were investigated by members of the MUFON-CES radar team. The managers of military air surveillance have no orders and no manpower to investigate such ‘radar-disturbances.’ In most of the cases, a natural explanation of these ‘disturbances’ seems to have been excluded. A distinction should be made between (a) ‘accumulations’ of radar echoes and (b) traces of navigating objects. Since the investigation into the plots was made ‘post-mortem’ no visual identification by pilots or radar controllers has been made. Only in two cases could the radar controllers simultaneously observe lights over a nearby mountain (and accumulations on radar) near their working place as well as a silvery disc (and an impossible flight trace on radar). Some of the strange radar echoes were seen near logistic installations (in military radar systems, in nuclear power plants, in a NATO early warning station and in military flight maneuvers). The military airspace surveillance system satisfactorily constitutes a UFO research instrument. Since permission to use that instrument by scientists depends on military orders, research into the behavior and the possible explanation of UFOs depends on political decision only.”

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Illobrand von Ludwiger, German Astrophysicist,
Director of MUFON-CES, UFO Author & Researcher
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