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Sightings (TV Series): 
(Sci Fi Channel, U.S.A.)

Source: TVUFOFootage (YouTube channel)

This Sightings episode focuses on the many UFO sightings that have occurred over the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt throughout the years:

The TV report includes a UFO photograph that was taken by a newspaper reporter.

USS FDR carried both conventionally- and nuclear-armed aircraft. And UFOs have been sighted many times near nuclear research facilities, power plants, weapons storage facilities, ICBM weapons sites and aircraft carriers in the United States, UK and Russia (Soviet Union).

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (Midway class) history:

* USS FDR was commissioned on 27 October 1945.
* 1946: Took part in the first McDonnell XFD-1 Phantom and Lockheed P-80A jets tests.
* From 8 August to 4 October 1946: Was a part of a U.S. Navy force that visited Athens to bolster the government of Greece in the Greek Civil War.
* In 1950: USS FDR became the first carrier to take nuclear weapons to sea. Troops (Operation Magic Carpet).
* In September and October 1952: Participated in Operation Mainbrace, the first major NATO exercise in the North Atlantic.
* During 1954-1956: Was extensively modernised.
* From August 1966 to January 1967: The ship’s only deployment to South East Asia.
* During 1954-1956: Was extensively modernised for second time.
* In the October 1973 Yom Kippur War: Served as a transit 'landing field' for aircraft being delivered to Israel.
* From June 1976 to April 1977: Embarked Marine Attack Squadron 231 (VMA-231) with 14 AV-8A Harrier jets.
* USS FDR was decommissioned on 30 September 1977.

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt took part in the following wars:

Greek Civil War (1944-1949)
Vietnam War (1st period) (1965-1968)
Yom Kippur War (1973)

Water UFO reports:
“Aircraft Carriers, Other Large Ships and UFOs”:

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt UFO reports (dates):
02-??-1952, 09-19/20-1952, ??-??-1953, ??-??-1954, 07-26-1956, 05-15-1957, 10-??-1958, LL-??-1963, 05-01-1975:

Wikipedia article: “USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42)”:

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