Tuesday, 13 October 2020

UFO Podcast Interview:
“Important New UFO Documentary”

Streamed live: 9 October 2020

(The Richard Dolan Show, Rochester, New York)

Source: Richard Dolan (YouTube channel)

Video text:

“After much anticipation, filmmaker James Fox’s latest documentary, The Phenomenon, was released on October 6, 2020. This film has a great deal of new video that even experienced students of the UFO subject have not seen. Without a doubt this will widely be recognized as one of the best UFO documentaries to appear in some time. James meets with Richard Dolan for a live video interview to discuss what makes his film unique.”


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James Fox, U.S. Filmmaker & UFO Researcher

(Image: Martin Willis Live Shows/youtube.com)

UFO Lecture:
“Michigan UFOs Presented by Harry Willnus”

Uploaded: 1 July 2019

Source:  South Lyon Channel 19 Community Television (YouTube channel)


Harry Willnus, U.S.A. UFO Researcher

(Image: youtube.com)

UFO Radio Interview:
“Jan Aldrich, Documenting The Origins
of the Modern UFO Phenomenon”

Streamed live: 13 October 2020

(Podcast UFO, Sebago, Maine) 

Source: Martin Willis Live Shows (YouTube channel)

Video text:

“Dedicated longtime UFO researcher, Jan Aldrich joins the show (DAVE MARLER joins in 58:00) to discuss Project 1947, which is a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era UFO reports via the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts. DAVID MARLER joins us for 15 minutes in the second hour.

BIO: Jan L. Aldrich resides in Canterbury, Connecticut, USA. Education BA History from University of Maryland, Retired US Army Master Sergeant with assignments in meteorology, intelligence, personnel, and safety. Assignment locations include four in Korea, two in Germany, one in Italy, two at the Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and others in the US. Also, retired from the US Postal Service. Studied UFOs for over 55 years. Contributing author of the book “UFOs and Government”, also author of reports on Ghost Rockets, the 1947 UFO Wave. Currently working on digitizing project of the Center for UFO Studies UFO report files. Correspondent for overseas UFO magazines. Website www.project1947.com”


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Jan L. Aldrich, U.S. UFO Researcher

(Photo: ufologie.patrickgross.org)