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UFO News Article:
“Record Number of B.C. Eyes Find ‘Mirages’ in the Skies”,
2 August 1967 (The Sun, Vancouver, Canada)

The Royal Canadian Air Force disclosed that it received 23 UFO reports from British Columbia citizens during the first six months of 1967, compared with only 7 in all of 1966, according to The Sun:,353618

Quote from the article:
“An RCAF spokesman said all UFO reports are transmitted to Ottawa for study.

The Defence Research Board attempted to analyse them in the past, but now the job has been shifted to the National Research Council.

The reports from B.C. citizens have generally described disc shaped objects with colored light – generally red and green.”

NOTE: The newspaper date is 2 August 1967.

Wikipedia article: “National Research Council (Canada)”:

The logo of the National Research Council Canada
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UFO News Article:
“UFO course studies strange sightings”,
3 October 1978 (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Canada)

This is an article regarding the UFO course at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada:,468858

The UFO course was taught by UFO researcher Arthur Bray, a former Canadian Air Force and Navy pilot.

Arthur Bray,
Former Canadian Air Force &
Navy Pilot & UFO Researcher
( photo)

Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
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UFO Article:
“Canadian Government’s UFO Website”

by Alejandro Rojas, 12 January 2011 (Open

Alejandro Rojas gives an overview of the Canadian government’s UFO website:

I also reported on this website on 16 February 2009:


Library and Archives Canada (LAC), 395 Wellington Street,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ( photo)