Thursday, 8 November 2012

UFO TV Interview: 
Dr. J. Allen Hynek 
(The Amazing World of Kreskin (1972-1975) 
(Show No. 43),
CTV Television Network, Toronto, Canada)
(Historic Films, Greenport, New York)

Dr. J. Allen Hynek talks about the 1966 “swamp gas” remark controversy and the Condon Report, among other things:

Dr. J. Allen Hynek,
U.S. Astronomer, the U.S. Air Force's
Scientific Consultant on UFOs (1948-1969),
UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
Private UFO Film: 
“Sight of unidentified flying objects over Landrum.”
(, Reston, Virginia)

The UFOs were filmed over Landrum, South Carolina on 
16 November 1952:

Landrum, South Carolina” (

Satellite photo of Landrum, South Carolina (
( photo)
Private UFO Film: 
“Unidentified flying object over Duncanville.”
(, Reston, Virginia)

The UFO was filmed over Duncanville, Texas on 12 December 1957:

Duncanville, Texas” (

Satellite photo of Duncanville, Texas (
( photo)
Private UFO Film: 
Shows an unidentified flying object (UFO)
in partially cloudy skies over Corpus Christi.”
(, Reston, Virginia)

The UFO was filmed on 28 July 1959:

Corpus Christi, Texas” (

Map of Corpus Christi, Texas (
( image)
Private UFO Films:
“Unidentified flying objects (UFO) 
over Galesburg and Moline in Illinois.”
(, Reston, Virginia)

The UFO films were recorded on 6 March 1967 (Galesburg) and 
9 March 1967 (Moline):

Quote from the web page:
“Man walks towards a house in snow. Vehicles pass on road. Shows unidentified object fly over Galesburg at night and other object flying over Moline city during day. A point of light flies in sky.”  

“Galesburg, Illinois” (

Moline, Illinois” (

Satellite photo of Moline, Illinois (
( photo)