Friday, 1 August 2008

The NASA STS-48 Space Shuttle Mission UFO Incident Film, 15 September 1991, 20:40 GMT

This is the most famous alleged UFO footage from NASA TV in history.

This case involves (seemingly) several UFOs. But most of the reports about this case concentrate on the main object. When one looks at the whole video, one clearly sees that the main UFO ascents through the atmosphere and then continues its flight a short distance above it.

Then we see a flash of light at the lower left of the screen. A fraction of a second after the flash, we see the main object, together with the others, accelerate away sharply. Shortly thereafter, a streak of light moved through the space where the main object had flown, before it sharply changed its course.

Dr. Jack Kasher, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is the foremost expert when it comes to this case. According to him, this UFO case has, once again, brought forth clear evidence of UFOs flying in the Earth’s atmosphere and in Space.

Furthermore, Dr. Kasher is of the opinion that some organisation on the Earth might have fired some sort of hi-tech weapon at the UFO. In this video, Dr. Kasher is supported by former U.S. astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who says that there have been many credible UFO sightings and that UFOs should be studied more closely!

Discovery flew over Australia when this UFO incident played out.

Without starting a new conspiracy theory, it’s none the less interesting that the U.S. government has a top secret U.S. Military facility in Pine Gap near Alice Springs, Australia. Officially, the facility is called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility. A lot of U.S. Military experts believe that this facility is the largest ECHELON ground station in the world. And, Pine Gap is physically and operationally similar to the signals intelligence facilities at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado and Menwith Hill, United Kingdom. U.S. government personnel at Pine Gap are believed to be mostly from the National Security Agency, subordinate service-associated agencies and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The pre-eminent expert regarding this facility is Professor Des Ball from the Australian National University. He described the CIA-run facility as the ground control and processing station for geosynchronous satellites engaged in signals intelligence collection. Professor Ball says that since 9 December 1966, when the Australian and U.S. governments signed the Pine Gap treaty, Pine Gap has grown from the original two antennas to about eighteen in 1999. The biggest expansion occurred after the end of the Cold War.

And, why did NASA stop its live broadcasts after this particular Space Shuttle Mission?!

This is the full length original STS-48 footage from NASA TV (below).

Below is another NASA TV video showing authentic UFO footage during the STS-48 Space Shuttle Mission. Watch the UFO which enters the lower part of the screen 8 seconds into the video. The UFO flies in a curve to the right. Once again – no space debris does that!

Here is one more STS-48 UFO video from NASA TV footage (below).