Sunday, 31 October 2010

UFO Mailing List Post:
“USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Sighting Entries”

by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos,
29 October 2010 (UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

The operations history of the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt includes four entries related to UFO sightings, Spanish UFO researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos reports:

USS FDR carried both conventionally- and nuclear-armed aircraft.

I also reported on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt-UFO connection on 18 October 2009:


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USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV-42) in 1967 
( ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Officials blamed UFOs for disarming nukes”,
31 October 2010 (Toronto Sun, Ontario, Canada)

Toronto Sun reports on the mainstream media’s reaction to the UFO-Nukes Connection Press Conference that was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on 27 September 2010:

The UFO-Nukes Connection Press Conference was organised by Robert L. Hastings (left) and Robert L. Salas
Smoking Gun UFO Shuttle Footage

The video’s first UFO footage (unknown Space Shuttle mission) shows the famous right angle turning UFO which is followed by a second UFO:

The second UFO footage comes from the STS-123 mission.

The NASA STS-123 Space Shuttle Endeavour mission:

Launch date: 11 March 2008 -
Landing date: 26 March 2008.