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UK Government UFO Document:

March 1993
(Royal Air Force, Ministry of Defence, London, UK)

The whole document (not written in UK Ministry of Defence document format):
“1. I have to report that at RAF Cosford on 31 Mar 93 at 0115 hours in company with Cpl [blacked out text] RAF Police, I was on mobile patrol of Leeming Road, adjacent to the Gravel Car Park when I saw two bright lights in the sky above the Airfield. The lights appeared to be flying at great velocity in a South Easterly direction at an altitude of approximately 1000 feet. The lights were circular in shape and gave off no beam. They were creamy white in colour and constant in size and in relation to each other.

2. I brought the vehicle to a standstill and pointed out the lights to Cpl [blacked out text]. I switched off the vehicle engine and we both got out of the car and observed the lights. There was no sound of any engine noise despite there being no wind and the sky being free from cloud. The lights were observed over-flying the Unit and away towards the Wolverhampton area. A slight red glow could be seen from the rear of the lights as they disappeared from view over the horizon. The lights were visible for approximately one minute.

3. Myself and Cpl [blacked out text] then returned to the COC and I contacted RAF Shawbury. I was informed that there were no aircraft flying from there.

4. At 0125 hours, I contacted ATC at RAF Lyneham and was informed that there were no known aircraft in the area of Cosford.

5. At 0127 hours, I contacted RAF Brize Norton and was informed the same.

6. At 0128 hours, I was informed by the Ord Cpl, Cpl [blacked out text] that a Mr [blacked out text] Brereton, Rugeley, Staffordshire had reported seeing the same lights over Rugeley. Four members of Mr [blacked out text] party had also witnessed the lights. Mr [blacked out text] had followed the lights which he described as being cream in colour at an altitude of 900-1000 feet and at an estimated size of 200 metres. He could hear a humming noise as the object flew directly above him. Mr [blacked out text] stated that he believed that the object landed in an area known as Hazelslade but when he approached he could not find and signs of the landing. Mr [blacked out text] was instructed to inform his local Civil Police Force, which he did, and during a subsequent conversation, it was established that a Constable from Staffordshire Police had visited Mr [blacked out text].

7. At 0130 hours, I informed West Mercia Police, WPC [blacked out text] of the sightings.

8. At 0140 hours, I informed HQ P&SS (UK), Cpl [blacked out text] of the incident.

9. At 0142 hours, I informed RAF West Drayton, Lt Cdr [blacked out text] of the incident, and he confirmed that there was no military aircraft of any kind in UK airspace and there had not been since 0001 hours.

10. At 0143 hours, the Senior Air Traffic Controller at Birmingham International Airport was contacted, and he confirmed that there were no civilian aircraft in Cosford Airspace and had not been for some hours.

11. At 0215 hours, OC RAF Police Flt and the Ord Off, Flt Lt [blacked out text] were informed of the incident.

12. At 0250 hours, Mr [blacked out text] RAF Shawbury Met Office, contacted Cpl [blacked out text] and stated that he had seen two lights in the sky at RAF Shawbury. The lights were first sighted approximately 15-20 kms away and Mr [blacked out text] observed them travel towards him over the Airfield moving erratically at hundreds of miles per hour unlike any aircraft. He described the lights as appearing to be searching for something. He heard a low humming noise and watched the object for 5 minutes until it disappeared from sight in a southerly direction. Mr [blacked out text] stated that he had been a Met Officer for 8 years and had never seen anything like it before.

13. At 0300 hours, Cpl [blacked out text] contacted a Mr [blacked out text], the Met Officer at Bristol Airport, who stated that similar lights had been seen there at 0055 hours. He had initially put the lights down to adverse meteor activity but in the light of the subsequent reports recorded it as unidentified.

14. At 0310 hours, West Marcia Police were made aware of the further reports and would contact Staffordshire and Avon & Somerset Forces to correlate the reports.

15. At 0330 hours I resumed normal duties.

[blacked out text]
RAF Police”

Wikipedia article: “RAF Cosford”:

Quote from the above Wikipedia article:
Royal Air Force Cosford or RAF Cosford (formerly DCAE Cosford)[1] (ICAO: EGWC) is a Royal Air Force station in Cosford, Shropshire, just to the northwest of Wolverhampton and next to Albrighton.

Role and operations


Schools currently stationed there include: No. 1 School of Technical Training, No. 1 Radio School RAF, the Defence School of Photography and the RAF School of Physical Training. Flying units include the University of Birmingham Air Squadron, No 8 Air Experience Flight and The Wales and West regional headquarters and West Mercian Wing headquarters of the Air Training Corps are situated there, along with No 2497 (Cosford) Squadron of the ATC.

Cosford became part of the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE), which was formed on 1 April 2004. Other units located at Cosford include elements of the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems (DCCIS), the Defence School of Photography (DSOP) and the RAF School of Physical Training.

The Defence College at RAF Cosford came under the Defence Technical Training Change Programme (DCTTP) and as such, with effect from 1 October 2012, was renamed the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering (DSAE).[1]

Air Ambulance

RAF Cosford's airfield site is home to one of the Midlands Air Ambulance helicopters. The first aircraft arrived on site in October 1991 with two other platforms based elsewhere in the region. Cosford remains the operations hub for the service.[21]

Wikipedia article: “RAF Shawbury”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
Royal Air Force Shawbury otherwise known as RAF Shawbury is a Royal Air Force station near the village of Shawbury in Shropshire in the West Midlands of England.

1990s and 2000s

No. 2 Flying Training School was disbanded in March 1997 so that in April 1997 the station could start providing training of helicopter pilots for all three of the UK’s armed services, under the newly formed Defence Helicopter Flying School.[13]

Role and operations

RAF Shawbury’s mission statement is ‘To provide a safe, efficient, and effective airfield base environment; to enable and support, commanded, lodged and parented units; and to deliver wider Defence and RAF tasks as directed’.[26]

The station is home to the School of Air Operations Control.[27]”

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(Images: UK Ministry of Defence)

RAF Cosford, UK
(Photo: Google)

RAF Shawbury, UK
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UFO Website (YouTube Channel):
“Sky Hub”

(, U.S.A.)

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UFO Video:
“Sky Hub captures a UAP that initially appears to
be an airplane. Houston, TX on May 27, 2020.”

Uploaded: 3 July 2020
(, U.S.A.)

Source: Sky Hub (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“This video was captured with a 12MP Dahua; Image Sensor 1/1.7” 12Megapixel progressive scan CMOS; Effective Pixels 4000(H)x3000(V);
Minimum Illumination 0.001Lux/F2.8 Day; 0Lux/F2.8 Night.

The UAP appears just like an airliner (also on screen) until it stops and changes direction. The camera picks up the airliner flying at cruising altitude easily using its night sensor.”

(Image: Sky Hub/

UFO Website:

(, U.S.A.)

Quote from the website:

Dedicted volunteers who make Sky Hub work.

Founder / Lead Software Developer: Steve McDaniel

Chair of the Science Advisory Board: Christopher Cogswell PhD

Co-Founder / Lead Web Developer / DevOps: Corey Gaspard

Co-Founder / Legal Affairs / Data Licensing: Adam Allen

Hardware Design / Fabrication: Richard G. Hopf

Join the Project

A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with our opensource software

Our Principles and Purpose

WHY SKY HUB - On April 27, 2020, the Pentagon confirmed, for the second time, that there are beyond-next-generation objects of unknown origin flying in our skies, unabated. Given the low-cost & the capability of today’s consumer grade technology, there has never been a better time to assemble a network of smart sensors to capture these objects’ digital signatures.

MACHINE LEARNING - The driving forces behind this project are: 1) the rapid growth and evolution of machine-learning for streamlining the analysis of large data sets; 2) the increasing affordability of AI-ready hardware like the Nvidia Jetson Nano; and 3) the continuing, perplexing presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.

GROUP EFFORT - Given the timing of the facts above, we are creating a crowd-sourced network of smart Trackers that will each recognize with “Edge Processing” whether an anomalous event has occurred, and that will each automatically upload the anomalous data to the Sky Hub Cloud.

OPEN SOURCE - UFO data—like all data concerning the public good—should be made and kept Public. We created Sky Hub with the ultimate goal of building and hosting a worldwide, digital UFO database that anyone can access and use under a Creative Commons License using our opensource software created by us and offered to the public under the MIT license.

Sky Hub Components

The Sky Hub system contains 3 components. The tracker, the sensor array and the cloud.

At the edge of the Sky Hub network is the Tracker Sensor Array. It incorporates a broad selection of environmental sensors in a single, weather-ready enclosure. The TSA will initially support Video Feeds (RTSP & USB), GPS, Inclinometer, Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Magnetometer, ADS-B and RF Spectrum Analysis. Additionally, Sky Hub's open source platform allows for effortless expansions and future device support. Developing improved and updated sensor support will be a continuing mission of the project, in concert with incoming types of data.

The tracker is the brains of the system. It contains the AI core running on the Jetson Nano platform. The tracker is responsible for monitoring the data feeds from the sensors and uses AI to determine when anomalous events oocur. When these events are detected data is recorded and relayed to the cloud.

The Sky Hub Cloud receives anomalous event data from the public network of Trackers, where it is collected and stored. Access to this data will remain open and licensed to the public for any and all educational purposes.

IP Cameras

Sky Hub system is compatible with a variety of cameras. The main requirement is that the camera is IP based and supports the RTSP protocol. In the initial release the tracker will be optimized to work with a single fish eye lens camera. This will give the largest view of the sky. In future releases the fisheye camera will work in conjunction with a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. When the fisheye camera spots something in the sky, it will direct the PTZ camera to that location and focus in on the object for greater detail.

Become a sponsor

Be a part of the team by becoming a sponsor on Patreon.   Donations will be used to purchase test hardware for a variety of platforms, data storage costs, sensors, and cloud infrastructure.



UFO Podcast Show:
“Next Generation UFO Data |
The Richard Dolan Show LIVE”

Streamed live: 11 July 2020
(The Richard Dolan Show, Rochester, New York)

Source: Richard Dolan (YouTube channel)

Quote from the video text:
“Richard conducts a live video interview with Dr. Bob McGwier, a person with decades of industry, government, and intelligence community experience, a deep interest in UFOs, and a new concept and technology by which UFO data can be obtained and studied: Skyhub.”

(Richard Dolan/ image)