Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UFO TV News Report:
“Flora UFO Sightings Remain Unexplained”,
1 March 2011 (ABC 16 WAPT News, Jackson, Mississippi)

Source: 16 WAPT News Jackson (YouTube channel)

16 WAPT News reports on the 10 February 1977 Flora, Mississippi mass UFO sighting:

Nearly two dozen law enforcement officers sighted the UFO, according to the article.

Satellite photo of Flora, Mississippi (
( photo)
UFO TV Talk Show (Excerpt):
UFOs and Animal Mutilations, 1997
(Paul McKenna's Paranormal World, ITV, London, UK)

Paul McKenna interviews U.S. UFO and animal mutilation researcher Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. John H. Altshuler, a U.S. hematologist and pathologist, and Dr. Harold Thompson, a UK veterinary pathologist:

Dr. John H. Altshuler, M.D.,
U.S. Hematologist and Pathologist
( photo)
UFO Documentary Film:“Cattle Mutilations”,
14 September 2007 (Paranormal TV, U.S.A.)

The documentary examines the UFO-cattle mutilation connection:

UFO and animal mutilation researcher Linda Moulton Howe is featured in the documentary.

Linda Moulton Howe,
U.S. Documentary Filmmaker &
UFO Researcher
UFO TV Court Show:
UFO and Cattle Mutilation (Unknown Date)
(Caso Cerrado, Telemundo, Hialeah, Florida)

This episode of the Caso Cerrado TV court show is about the UFO-cattle/animal mutilation connection: