Saturday, 3 December 2011

UFO TV News Report:

Bundestag muss Einblick in Studien geben”
(“UFO Researcher:

The ‘Bundestag’ must give access to studies”),
2 December 2011
(KOPP Nachrichten, Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany)

KOPP Nachrichten reports on Frank Reitemeyer’s successful lawsuit against the ‘Deutsche Bundestag’:

News article:

English translation:

UFO Article (Blog):
“Court decision: German parliament

must give access to secret UFO-report”
1 December 2011 

(, Germany)

The Administrative Court of Berlin has decided that the ‘Deutsche Bundestag’ must release a so far secret government UFO report, according to grenzwissenschaft-aktuell:

The Administrative Court’s decision comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by Frank Reitemeyer.

The ‘Reichstag’ (parliament) building, Berlin, Germany
( photo)
UFO Petition Information Video:
“Richard Dolan – The Need-to-Know Petition”

Richard M. Dolan talks about his (and Bryce Zabel’s) UFO petition on the “We the People” petition website (The White House):

Richard M. Dolan,
U.S. Historian, UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
UFO News Article:
“Fotógrafo aseguró que vio un Ovni en Corrientes”
(“Photographer said he saw a UFO in Corrientes”),
29 November 2011
(FM Impacto 107.3, Corrientes, Argentina)

FM Impacto 107.3 reports on a UFO photo case:

The alleged UFO photos were taken by photographer Ramón Antonio Ayala in July 2011, at 2:00 a.m.

English translation:

Corrientes (Corrientes Province) is situated 793 kilometres
(493 miles) north of Buenos Aires.

( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Ovnis / Vigilia en Victoria,
donde los avistamientos son ‘comunes’ ”
(“UFOs / Vigil in Victoria,
where sightings are ‘common’ ”)
27 November 2011 (AIM Digital, Paraná, Argentina)

AIM Digital reports on the 3/4 December 2011 Laguna del Pescado (Victoria, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina) UFO vigil:

English translation:

Laguna del Pescado, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina
( photo)